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Integrating an Effective Project Management System into SaaS Solutions?

In the recent times, demand for SaaS solutions has grown manifold among the start-ups and the larger enterprises. It has opened newer avenues for the small product development with quality UI and cost-effectiveness. But, the success of SaaS solutions largely relies on the effective project management mechanisms.

They ensure timely completion of a project. In this regard, software development companies employing the best practices and latest technologies can enjoy a major share of the pie.

What is Project Management System?

It refers to the software that is designed for completion of a project from initial scheduling and development to the final delivery. As a matter of fact, this system differs according to the approach and expertise of the software development company. The SaaS-based project management software must possess a well-defined set of features and functionalities that suffice the entrepreneurial needs of the client.

What Entails An Effective Project Management System?

There is some basic functionality that must be integrated into your project management system. The software should be aligned with your project requirements. It must allow risk management along with workflow management, file sharing mechanisms, and data analysis. Apart from these, there are some other features that you must seek into your PMS:

Intuitive UI:

The UI or user interface of a SaaS product should be easily understandable and intuitive. This will enable easy learning by your technical staff and faster integration of this system into your existing software.

Mobile Access:

It is the key benefit that users expect from a web-based or SaaS-based project management system. The connectivity through mobile devices is preferred for promoting the seamless communication on the real-time basis between all the stakeholders.

Social Integration:

The remote locations of the teams and increasing demands of collaborative products have made social integration critical for project management software. It should allow an easy sharing of the updates, messages, and project details among the teams.

Integration of Emails:

This is another key feature of an effective project management system. It should facilitate an integration of emails and prevent the users from shuffling between two different platforms. It will help in faster communication through automated reminders; email tracking, integration of social media profiles, and easy availability of templates.

Costs and Budgeting:

In the SaaS-based software, it is simple to estimate the costs effectively. As such, it should allow automated calculations for estimated and actual costs. Also, it helps in managing the cash flow, cross-charging, labor expenses, and support for different rates as well as currencies. The system should also allow automated billing along with the time-tracking feature.

Tracking of Time and Issues:

When choosing a system for project management, it is imperative to estimate the time that will be taken for completion of the project. An automated time tracking system allows estimation of time to be spent on each task and actual time taken for the same. It allows control over the costs.

Similarly, effective issue tracking helps in keeping an eye on the problems arising at any stage of the project. It allows faster reporting of the issue for resolving them immediately. The software should include tracking of issues in real-time along with the documentation, status, affected systems, and reporting of the problems.


These are some important points to be considered while looking for a robust project management system. Infognana is an experienced and professionally managed software development company possessing expertise in creating enterprise level software for the diversified industry verticals. We possess the right expertise and approach for building web-based project management software of any scale.