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When Do You Know That Your Website Needs A Redesign?

Developing an exceptional website is not a matter of one day. It takes hard work and ample time to make a functional website. But, it is a tough job to keep your website compliant with rapidly changing internet scenarios. You need to make constant efforts in making your website functional by updating and adapting to the new techniques.

Simultaneously, algorithms of Google are also changing and rigidness in adapting to new condition will hamper the rankings of your website as well. In short, you need to overhaul your virtual portal regularly and facelift it when needed. It is a challenging job to track constant changes in technological field. But, you can recognize it through various signs that when your website needs a modernization. These include:

High Bounce Rate:

Analytics of website is the most efficient way to access how users navigate it. In fact, it accumulates all data of optimizing and hints you whether your site needs any optimization or not. In this regard, you should concentrate on bounce rate.

Bounce rate is the calculation of user. It reveals at what rate, users are leaving your website and what are the reasons compelling them to do so.

Slow Loading Pages:

Google mainly upgrades rankings of a website having high-quality content for the users. It emphasizes a lot on loading speed of page and its algorithms rank your page on this basis. A website having higher speed is ranked higher as compared to slow loading websites. The speed of loading matters in user experience and co-relates with SEO practices.

It is easy to check the speed of website on a tool called PageSpeed Insight tool. You need not require changing the entire design but little improvement and regular corrections can be viable.

Technical Errors:

Regular watch on the data will certainly reveal useful information. If users are not sticking to your website and there is a sudden hike in bounce rate, these are alarming situations for you. Your website may have technical error and 404 issues if users are visiting only for a few seconds. A web design and software development company can help you in this.

You should check the site from a user’s point of view. Try different browsers to rectify whether it is the browser problem. Advanced Search Console by Google is also an excellent tool to check the Crawl Errors.

Poor User Experiences:

You may have visited sites offering a poor experience. These websites don’t lure the users to visit again. Websites with so many pop-ups are found irritating for visitors as they are hardly able to read any content. Also, they make it difficult for visitors to navigate through website and consequently drop the user experience. You should take care of content flow from the average user’s perspective.

Not Mobile-Friendly:

Today, above sixty percent searches are made through mobile phones. In fact, people are more comfortable using mobile or other smaller devices to research on websites. You should make a responsive website which adapts to every screen comfortably. Also, design it in such a way that users find it easy to navigate on smaller screens as well. Buttons should be highlighted so that users can easily tap them on your website.

Outdated Design:

Designing of websites has changed drastically over the years. You can’t effort to use old and outdated website design in this competitive world. Graphics are made more real and effective to entice the audiences. In the world of marketing, first impressions can be lasting and they are crucial to staying ahead of the competition. With a poor design, you can lose the trust and interest of the user. You can focus on the latest trends like modular web design that can be altered to suit the changing content requirements.

So, you can safely opine that a website is your digital entity that must be upgraded to gain the attention of your targeted audiences. At Infognana, we possess the expertise and professionalism required for designing and development of modern websites that can cater to your marketing needs.