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Latest Programming Trends for 2017

The world is getting high-tech. Thanks to the advanced development of technology. The pace of growth in trends of programming techniques has surpassed the set norms. New trends with wider capabilities and better software development are continuously inundating this landscape. Better efficiency, ease to use, and enhanced customization are the factors that drive a software development company to embrace these trends.

These companies have to remain upgraded with the latest programming tactics and learn new languages. Any technology stack or programming language will not last long unless it is promoted or reinvented with new features at regular intervals. In 2017, it is expected that many such surprising programming languages and frameworks will lead the software industry.

Here are the few programming trends that will rule the year 2017:

The Rise of JAVA:

Since past 20 years, JAVA has been the prominent programming language across the world. It is a leading platform for the software development companies to develop unique solutions for their businesses. It is used on more than 7 billion devices while 9 million companies are actively working on this programming language. In the coming days, Java will dominate the technology world as it will power many applications in 2017. It is known for its simple functioning and easy readability. Experts feel that the trend of using Java to develop Android apps will continue to rise in the near future.

Enhanced Usage of PHP:

Use of PHP in web development will continue in 2017 as well. It will be one of the top trending platforms for developers due to its open source web programming capabilities. Due to its simplicity, exceptional working, and acceptance of diverse platforms, it has been used extensively for developing a large number of websites worldwide. It is an amazing programming language that is scalable, flexible, and powerful to offer great performance.

The Emergence of Dockers:

Dockers and Containers are becoming the leading choices for software development companies looking to develop mobile and web applications. It augments the applications developed on this programming language with special and advanced features. Due to its small size, better functionality and simple deployment, it is a prime trend in mainstream programming.

Ruby on the Rails Programming:

Recognized for its web application framework, Ruby on the Rails is drafted in Ruby programming language. It started picking up during 2016. And, it is expected to be one of the top programming trends for the year 2017. Features like accelerated web processes, simplicity, efficient content management, flexibility, customization, and cost-effectiveness make Ruby on the Rails a top notch choice for software developers.

Spark for the IT Industry:

Spark is an intelligent file system that is definitely an upcoming trend in IT industry. It can be used for processing both non-structured and structured data. Though some of the features are equal to Hadoop, still Spark has an edge over it. However, it has the capability of keeping data in fast memory like Hadoop. Hence, many software companies merge both – Spark for speed and Hadoop for distributed file system.

The Prominence of Android Programming:

Android is becoming a prominent platform for smart devices and it is continuously rising. Simultaneously, the popularity of Android Programming is also touching new heights. It is estimated that trend of Android Programming will continue to rise in 2017. More than 80% smart devices across the globe are working on Android and a boom will be witnessed with new people joining the smartphone club.

These are the top trends that you’ll see in the space of software development. If you want to leverage these trends, you must prefer the services of an experienced software development company like Infognana.