Localization Trends 2020

Localization Trends 2020

We have taken giant strides in technology, transport, and communication in the last decade. And one consequence of this progress is the blurring of boundaries between countries.

Global Online Retail Stores, Multinational Conglomerates, and even the Corona pandemic that terrorizes the world today demonstrate that we live in a highly interconnected world with common goals and common concerns. In such a connected world localization assumes importance as it builds bridges between different languages and cultures.

We know that increased globalization and increased digitization are definitely on the cards for the world in the coming year. So we can surely expect an increased demand for localization. What are the trends in localization that are going to rule the roost in 2020? Here are the 5 major ones we foresee!

Spike in Demand for Video Localization

Popular research tells us that ‘Video’ is the most consumed form of content in the last year and this trend is going to continue this year too. Global Businesses can impress their customers better if they localize their video content for each market instead of translating subtitles.

Voice searches in local languages

Another avenue for localization that global businesses must think of is Voice search. Google already allows its global users to do voice searches in major languages. Companies that are looking to make their mark in global markets must ensure that they develop the technology to give their customers the option of using multilingual voice searches and real-time translation.

More concrete regulatory frameworks

Technology often outpaces the development of legal regulatory frameworks that support them. But as technology evolves the need for legislation that addresses the increased concern about issues like data privacy becomes pertinent. So in 2020, LSPs may be expected to meet more rigorous quality standards to catch up with such new legislation.

The Dominance Of AI

AI and machine learning are dominating every industry we know and the Localization industry is no exception. Global players will exploit  AI to translate content on the web more swiftly and accurately thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

More Personalization in Localized Content

To succeed in today’s world where information explosion is the norm, global enterprises have to look further than just localizing their content for new target markets. They have to take it to the next level of customizing the localized content for an individual customer’s preferences. Big Data Analytics and other advanced technology will soon pave the way for such personalization.

As localization goals change with advancing technology, the industry has to equip itself to meet evolving business needs. With two decades of experience in serving a global clientele, Infognana Solutions offers localization services of exceptional quality. Contact us today to know more about the difference that a dependable Localization Partner like us can bring to your business!