Managing Business Chores With Micromanagement

Today’s business world is fast paced, more competitive and constantly evolving with advent of new age management concepts and digitalization. The focus is on growth and winning that edge over your competitor. As the business environment is incessantly getting more ambitious there is need to offload the responsibilities, trust and embrace the concept of Virtual Assistants.

The business environment is agile and demands managing business chores with micromanagement and empowerment of your VAs so that they take ownership and do their job with more responsibility. As a leader of your enterprise, the core focus should be designing a system so that productivity flourishes thus increasing profit which is the ultimate aim of any organization. And the system has to be smooth, stress free, efficient and of course effective which is why the business paradigm is gradually shifting to micromanagement from macro management. While the leaders concentrate on strategy and overall success, how do they re-calibrate their focus?

1. Invest in the base.  Having a good team which performs effectively and takes on responsibility is the ultimate aim as a leader which demands investing in building the base of such a structure. This requires infusing a lot of motivation in the VAs who work for you. This game plan starts with hiring good people, emotional investment, being transparent, acknowledging and appreciating good work and being open to accepting mistakes. Communication is one of the basic tools which help to achieve this efficiently. Design the system, lay out the rules, delegate, communicate, appreciate and be approachable. Rest will follow.

2. Share the vision, delegate and trust. When you delegate and off load your share of responsibility, assure yourself that the person hired to take on the job is trained and experienced to do it effectively. A nagging boss will never create conducive environment where the sub leaders deliver. After you have admitted to micromanaging, the entrepreneur should stay ‘out of the weeds’ when it comes to the mechanics of performance, trust and let go. The end result should bother and not the process.

3. Skirt off from the daily meanderings. Being party to the minutest details and everyday casual conversation with the vendors, suppliers, clients, customers and prospects will not only take your time but also your mind space. Once you have shared your vision with the micromanager you should generate expectations to achieve the unit and corporate vision and let them find their own route to achieve them. Not bothering yourself with day to day pressures and reserving your time and mind bandwidth for long term goals and ambitions will not only spell you as a good leader but also help your micromanagers to flourish and deliver.

Getting to work with micromanagers helps to think strategically and less operationally which pushes the entrepreneurs to defy their own limits and achieve a bigger goal for the enterprise. Offloading and trusting that the micromanagers can achieve the targets helps even the team to grow and improve their skills which is in the larger interest of the organization. Think micromanaging, think bigger, achieve biggest.

Virtual Assistants at Infognana can be your best micromanagers. Entrust your business chores to us and focus on your core!