What Is New In Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop 2017?

QuickBooks is considered to be one of the finest bookkeeping and accountancy services software enabled with limitless features for the entrepreneurs. Since its debut, Intuit has released its updated versions on a regular basis. They worked on various edges that are still found rough for the users. This feature has been appreciated across the business community who find QuickBooks as an efficient way to manage bookkeeping and accounting of their enterprise.

In this context, Intuit has recently released the latest version of Enterprise Desktop 2017. Business houses are rapidly switching to this new software as it has many great features in contrast to the previous version. This new version is hugely preferred by the entrepreneurs who found previous one to be a little straggler at some places. Here are the smart changes or updates which will make managing your accounts much easier than ever before by using QuickBooks Enterprise Version 2017:

Enhanced Multi-User Experience:

This new version is decked with smooth multi-user update. As a result, a user needs to switch far lesser between single-user and multi-user mode. This enables you to print checks, pay bills, link estimates to invoices, link bill payments, and scan checks from multi-user mode easily. Also, you don’t have to switch frequently and your bookkeeping and accounting become much faster.

Smart Auto-fill:

Entering data is always time-consuming. With new QuickBooks, you can perform this task much faster. You don’t have to remember every account number. Instead, the software will use an auto-fill feature for entering the details. After typing the name, rest information is filled automatically. You don’t need to search the entire sheet to pick a single client’s details. Additionally, search between values is allowed to find transactions without remembering any exact amount.

Advanced Report Filters:

Difficulty in extracting reports, found the earlier version, has been simplified. You can access the filters that are applied to your reports with simple two clicks on the filter tools. It also makes it easier to toggle onwards or back between reports.

Automated Reports:

You can structure and customized reports require regularly in the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop. It is easy to pull out the reports and sent them to your team members so that your teams can move in the right direction.

Reminder for Non-Deposit Amount:

Sometimes, you tend to forget to deposit an amount and later, it becomes confusing. But, with this new version of QuickBooks, you will never miss deposits as you can see reminders in the Action Required Sheet. A new badge displaying numbers of deposits pending is given there to keep you reminding tirelessly.

Appearance of Deleted Names:

Earlier, it was impossible to retrieve the deleted names. But in QuickBooks 2017, it appears in the audit report and is specially marked as deleted. Any update in names will show up in the Audit Trail.

Filter for Vendor and Customer:

With filter implied for searching vendors and customers separately, it becomes easier to extract information from the data by applying customer type and vendor type filter.

Higher Security:

New measures have been taken to upgrade the security of your data and information. An advanced feature like Multi-Factor Authentication has been implemented to keep you safe.

These are the smart features integrated into the new QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 2017. If you need any help with its installation and usage, you can contact Infognana. We are the most trusted bookkeeping and accounting services provider offering complete support for QuickBooks.