Penguin 4.0

Penguin 4.0- How Will It Change The Landscape For SEO Practices?

After the long wait of nearly two years, Google has finally announced and launched the Penguin update. Interestingly, the search engine giant has launched this algorithm in all the languages and it is upgraded with several crucial improvements.

Well, this news came as a respite for the SEO practitioners and digital marketing experts preferring the White Hat practices.

What Is The Fuss All about?

In its basic form, Penguin updates work to track down the inorganic searches and monitor the links attached to any website. In fact, it removes the spamming sites from SERPs and manual actions are taken against them. However, this system had certain flaws like requirement of link audit, link removal, periodical updates of sites, etc.

In order to mitigate the flaws of an earlier system, SEO practitioners were keenly looking forward to an advanced update from Google. Apparently, Penguin 4.0 is the step in this direction.

How Things Will Change With Penguin 4.0?

To understand its impact, it is imperative to know the benefits of implementing Penguin 4.0 updates. It is the real-time update to the Google core algorithm. It implies that this update will always remain open and updating. This system is expected to control the infiltration of spamming links and other Black Hat practices. Instead of affecting the entire site, it will simply diminish the spam and adjust the rankings of the concerned page/pages.

It Is Real-Time And Fair In Practice:

Being real-time has made Penguin 4.0 faster and fairer in practice. The marketers are already lauding this update for such benefits. Now, the sites having great content will be immediately rewarded with improved rankings. It means you won’t be left waiting for the algorithm restores. The organic search results will remain unaffected by this update since they already follow the white hat SEO techniques.

It Is Granular and Not Sitewide:

From its status as a site-wide penalty, Penguin 4.0 has emerged as a page-specific update. It implies that Penguin now will adjust the page rankings according to spam signals. It will not target and penalize the entire website. You can interpret it as an update that may affect pages in a row or some specific pages applied with spammed links or other unacceptable SEO tactics. No penalty will be imposed on the fine pages.

How to Escape the Grunt of Penguin?

The digital marketers and SEO practitioners are often intimidated by this question. However, it can be managed quite simply by focusing on key aspects that include brand building, data analysis, and informative content. There can be no shortcuts for SEO. Your digital marketing endeavors should be directed to improve the sales and visibility of your web pages. So, make it effective by using the right mix of content, information, data analysis, multi-channel approach, and frequent monitoring of the links.

At Infognana, we offer digital marketing tactics driven by white hat techniques. Hence, we are assured that we won’t witness any massive change in SEO rankings of our client websites after this update. Penguin 4.0 update is rolled out completely and Google confirms that it does not intend to update it any further. Since it is now real-time, there’s actually no need for the same!