Pricing intelligence refers to the ability to actively monitor, track, and analyze market price data, including competitors’ prices within your industry, enabling you to make well-informed, data-driven pricing decisions. Infognana recognizes the significance of actively observing and adapting to competitors’ pricing strategies to gain a competitive advantage. With a comprehensive approach that involves data mining to uncover competitors’ base prices, Infognana goes beyond simple item comparisons. They uncover valuable insights, identify opportunities, and pinpoint weaknesses that can be leveraged for your benefit. Experience the transformative potential of effective price intelligence through Infognana’s services. 

Category Pricing

Category pricing involves the practice of establishing distinct prices for products belonging to specific categories. Infognana takes a meticulous approach, conducting comprehensive analyses of product popularity, competition, and customer preferences. Through this process, we identify the most efficient pricing strategies customized for each product category in your retail store. Discover the immense potential of optimized pricing by leveraging Infognana’s expertise in category pricing. 

Product Pricing

Product pricing involves the strategic process of establishing the selling price for a particular product to customers. Infognana’s competitive product pricing service is designed to keep you ahead in the market. Drawing upon our expertise, we conduct analyses of competitor prices, market trends, and customer preferences to assist you in setting optimal prices. Boost sales, attract customers, and maximize profitability by leveraging Infognana’s competitive product pricing service. 

Dynamic Pricing

Experience the power of Dynamic Pricing with Infognana. Our cutting-edge solutions help you dynamically adjust prices based on real-time market data, competitor analysis, and customer behavior. Maximize revenue, optimize sales, and stay ahead in the market with our advanced Dynamic Pricing strategies. 

Price Monitoring

Utilize our price monitoring service to closely monitor competitor prices for similar productsInfognana’s continuous market analysis and tracking enable us to detect pricing trends, changes, and opportunities. Acquire valuable insights to make informed pricing decisions and maintain competitiveness in the marketplace with Infognana’s comprehensive price monitoring service. 

Image-Based Mapping Solution

Unleash the potential of Infognana’s image-based mapping solution, powered by artificial intelligence. Through advanced AI technology, we scour competitor websites using images to swiftly identify and map exact or closely matched products based on visual similarities. This streamlined process enables efficient product association and comparison. Experience the benefits of automated image mapping with Infognana’s cutting-edge service.