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Reasons Why Podcast Transcription Is Extremely Important Today

Podcasts usually have a transcript of whatever genre, it is. But, many people do not include them in the podcast. Transcribing podcasts have several benefits that owners do not understand and hence skip it.

When you transcribe a podcast, it is worth the money spent as it will have a huge impact on your podcasts and you will reap the benefits quickly. Here are some reasons why you should at least consider having your podcasts transcribed. 


When you’re not sure what to post for your blog, using the podcast’s transcript by simply copying and pasting it becomes a blog on its own. You can also use this content to create newsletters or short articles within a short period. 

Reaching a bigger audience

In this day and age, when the internet is easily available to everyone, most people watch videos or listen to the audio. But, there are still many people who prefer to read the content. Watching or listening to a show may take about 30 minutes or more which they may not have. Reading will take half that time and also prefer to print out the transcripts to highlight key points so they can go through it at any time. 


Transcribing podcasts mean the text becomes searchable which will generate a lot of traffic to the website. When someone is searching for something similar to the transcribed podcast, they will come across your podcast. Search engines do not pick up keywords from video or audio, but transcripts are very much searchable. 


When you have many podcasts and are looking to find one particular podcast for reference, it may be difficult to sit and go through all your video or audio content. If your podcasts are transcribed, it would take only a minute to search through the text and find what you’re looking for. This is also applicable for visitors for the same reason. 

Using well-established transcription companies like Infognana Solutions will be cost-effective and guarantee you transcripts of high quality in quick turnaround time. Transcribing podcasts have many benefits and will be worth the effort and every penny you spend on it. 

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