Recent Trends in Online Marketing

Recent Trends in Online Marketing

Any marketer would agree that digital trends keep changing like the seasons. If you are not up to date with the online trends, then there is a high chance you will be left behind. Every year we see the rise and fall of different trends that force the online marketing world to evolve. Here are some of the online trends that are fast developing this year:

1.Big Data
Big Data can help you learn more about your prospects and customers which will improve your marketing efforts. The amount of data collected from social media, online purchases, app downloads, etc. thanks to Big Data allows marketers to customize content according to the customer’s behavior.

2.Mobile Growth
The immense growth of mobile devices has been on every marketers’ radar for a long time now. A mobile first approach is becoming more important nowadays as there has been a rise in voice searches and also Google has announced they will be launching a mobile-first algorithm.

These days people turn to their phones for just about anything. Whether it is something they want to buy, or go someplace or learn something new. Any marketer not only needs an approach to identify micro-moments, but also needs to implement it as a marketing strategy so that their specific brand comes up for potential customers as they look for any information.

4.Voice Optimized Content
Voice search has accounted for almost 20% of all searches and is clearly set to expand even more this year. With many new voice devices and technologies in the market, asking a simple question and getting information from devices has become simple.

As there is an increase in customer growth, offering a personalized online experience for them has become more and more vital for any brand. It is more effective when a customer is offered a unique experience based on their preferences and interests.

Chatbots are designed to support customer service teams by delivering information in real time. Many brands are already using simple ordering processes through chatbots. Chatbots are becoming a kind of consumer expectation and can be seen in other industries in the near future.

7.Video Advertising
Video content has shot up at an incredible rate in the past year. The audience for video content on a wide range of devices is growing day by day. Brands must learn how to incorporate video advertising across different channels to grasp the attention of their target audience.

These aren’t the only trends to look out for this year, but are the biggest and most established ones. We at Infognana are well versed in them and with our team of online marketing experts can take your business to greater heights.