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Retailers – Is your content in pace with your sales for the ‘2016’ Holiday Season?

The holiday season is imminent. It is needless to say that holiday brings shoppers to the stores. From Black Friday to the Yuletide and New Year’s Day, there are ample reasons to make merry and go shopping. Hence, the offline and online retailers are also pulling up their socks to attract more buyers and generate better sales revenues.

Incidentally, the predictions are positive for this holiday season with a growth up to 4% anticipated by Deloitte. If you are also looking forward to massive sales this season, your content services must be bootstrapped to keep pace with them. If it doesn’t, here are the strategies and other online retail services that you can embrace:

Increase Your Digital Presence:

The digital interactions are clearly ruling over the markets with their huge growth potential. The retail sector is also leveraging this advent of latest technologies. You can embrace the technology within your physical stores to enhance the in-store experiences of the buyers. Use this same technology to tap the new markets through digital platforms and e-stores. Amalgamate the two and your customers will be amazed.

Plan Earlier:

Your holiday promotions should be pre-planned and precede the season. These campaigns are short-term. Hence, they must be dynamically planned with the best content strategies. You can create a well-defined holiday email marketing campaign at least two months in advance. Test the messages and creative strategies early to optimize the sales. This will also help in increasing the frequency of sending emails to the targeted audiences without creating the scene of chaos in your marketing office.

Optimize The Mobile Experiences:

It is simply irresistible to stay away from the mobile revolution. It can cause a steep surge in your sales. Most of the buyers prefer shopping through mobiles. The trend will continue this holiday season as well. To gain momentum from this technology, you need specialized content services working on mobile optimization of your online properties. It includes adding local information in the newsletters and emails. Also, write content that targets the mobile users. It should be concise and pointed.

Curate Personalized Brand Stories:

You can’t expect the users to pay attention to a vague message conveyed through a lot of emails. The key to success is hidden in creating personalized brand stories for your holiday marketing. They should be tailored according to your target audience, their demographics, interests, and behavioral patterns. The content should be centered on the festive theme. It should invoke readers’ interests and encourage them to share it across their circles.

Leverage the Social Media:

The power of social media in your holiday marketing campaigns can’t go unnoticed. There are a plenty of users taking shopping tips and cues from the social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest apart from sharing exciting content on the Facebook and Twitter. The flow of inspiration from social media to their buying behavior is intrepid. You can leverage it to your advantage by publishing an engaging and stunning visual content. Post a lot of photos from your physical stores and display the euphoria shared by the shoppers in them.

The holiday season is in full swing and you ought to be ready for the same. Apart from these promotional strategies, you must be prepared with robust systems for multichannel distribution, fulfillment, and real-time inventory management. For all these services, contact Infognana because we have profound experience enhancing online retail experiences and managing holiday promotions across multiple channels.