Ebook Services

A nineteenth-century poet and writer Martin Tupper famously wrote “A good book is the best of friends, the same, today and forever” He couldn’t have guessed that two centuries later even books would change, at least in form, if not in essence. They have become unimaginably better. Today, book lovers need not bother to carry a book wherever they go, instead, they can carry a whole library of books in their pockets. The digital revolution of the past two decades has made this possible by giving us e-books. E-books are portable, accessible, versatile, economical and environment- friendly which is why most authors now are keen on publishing their work as e-books.

Infognana Solutions offers end-to-end services in e-book creation. Our technological expertise and experienced teams make it possible for us to create high-quality e-books that meet IDPF standards. We create e-books in different formats like epub2, epub3, HTML5, and AZW that are compatible with most mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Our range of offerings in e-books include

Reflowable E-books

The most appealing feature of a re-flowable e-book is that the readers can control how the content is displayed. In reflowable ebooks, all contents of a page change orientation automatically to fit into your device’s screen size. Because of this flexibility and convenience they offer, reflowable ebooks are the most sought after type of e-books. Designers at Infognana solutions have a great deal of experience in converting content to re-flowable formats. Experience our efficiency and expand your readership by trusting us with your next e-book conversion project.

Fixed Layout E-books

For books packed with design elements and illustrations, we offer fixed-layout e-books where the constancy of a printed page is maintained. Academic textbooks, recipe books, art books, children’s books, coffee table books, travel books and other books rich in illustrations usually need a fixed layout. Creating fixed layout e-books is more challenging than creating standard reflowable formats because it requires modifying the publication file and controlling page layout, image positions, and embedded fonts. But our team of expert designers is fully equipped to handle the higher challenge. They create high-quality fixed-layout ebooks where all page elements are skillfully layered to provide a comfortable reading experience.

Interactive and Enhanced E-books

For some readers, especially kids and students, the enjoyment that goes with reading and learning can be greatly augmented by adding interactive media to the e-book. We specialize in creating interactive e-books that have multi-touch widgets, interactive diagrams, 3D objects, shapes, charts, tables, question & answers, puzzles and worksheets attached to them to facilitate better learning. Features like page flipping, zooming in and out and index navigation add more life and readability to interactive e-textbooks. Our enhanced e-books with audio and video files integrated into them, make the reading experience delightful for both kids and adults alike.

Accessible E-books

People with special needs miss out on the gratification that reading good books can bring them. We combine technological advancements and the expertise we have gained through experience to create e-books that are fully accessible to all. We reinforce accessibility in our e-books with features like alternative background colors, text-to-speech capability, color contrast, alt texts for tables and images, structurally tagged content, and controllable line spacing.

Optimized E-books

Optimizing E-books ensures a consistent reading experience across all devices and platforms. Whether it is an iPad, Kindle or Android device, an optimized e-book is compatible with every device. Our optimized e-books allow you to bypass the tough choice of formats and file types so you can broaden your reader base with e-books optimized for all devices.