The energy industry is one of the most significant drivers of the economy over the past century and continues to remain so. Because of this primary status they occupy and the intensely regulated markets they operate in, Energy companies have to be meticulous with their global communication strategies and output. Infognana Solutions has more than two decades of experience in handling the language needs of diverse industries including the energy sector.

We specialize in translation, localization, content creation and Multilingual Desktop Publishing for energy companies across the globe. Our client portfolio in the energy sector includes those that produce energy from nuclear, fossil fuel or from renewable energy resources. Our key strengths when it comes to fulfilling the communication needs of the Energy Sector are our extensive experience in the industry, our familiarity with the technical terminologies in the field, our streamlined workflows, our highly skilled teams of linguists who have a background in engineering and the capacity to meet large scale of operations common in the energy sector.