Localization for Insurance companies requires special care as policy holders seek information from insurers mostly when they are in distress and imprecise information in a language not their own can prove frustrating. Moreover like other financial products, insurance is highly regulated with strict compliance norms.

Infognana’s Insurance localization teams understand these peculiar needs of multinational Insurance companies and are equipped with the technical and linguistic fluency to assist them with content that fulfills both consumer expectations and regulatory norms. Whether it is insurance policies, claim forms, underwriter documents, risk assessment reports, websites, marketing collaterals, or any other document, we make sure that we deliver localization outcomes that are timely, precise and confidential. We employ a highly trained team of professional, native language speakers, linguists and insurance subject matter experts who are well-acquainted with all facets of the insurance industry.

Our Services for Insurance Providers Comprise

  • Legal translation of reports, cover notes, policy wordings, audits, technical surveys or other legal documents.
  • Marketing and corporate communications like global announcements, marketing content, tenders, product brochures, websites, speeches and other communications.
  • Translation for employees consisting of training materials, on-boarding documents, educational videos and e-learning courses.
  • App localization and testing.
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP).