Publishing Services

Publishing content whether on print or digital platforms is no easy task. With Infognana as your Publishing partner, you get access to infrastructure, technologies, and high-quality talent to streamline your publishing process to the highest degree of efficiency. Our experience in the publishing field for over twenty years has taught us the knack of balancing meticulousness with speed and affordability. This helps us take your projects from the manuscript stage to print-ready and digital files in a short time while delivering the best quality in composition, design, editing, and digital conversion services at every stage of the process. In short, you can focus on your content, while we do everything that is needed to present it to your audience in perfect form.

Desktop Publishing

Bringing out a professional publication is a painstaking process that necessitates finding synergies between different groups of talents and tools. Our Multilingual Desktop Publishing team composed of DTP specialists, graphic designers, editors, proofreaders, and quality control experts ensure that your book or document gets to the printers in absolutely perfect form. We take complete accountability for the project right from the manuscript stage to the final delivery stage. Our constant liaison with all the stakeholders – the authors, printers, and editors throughout the process ensures accuracy and speed in all our publishing projects.

Manuscript Preparation

Our Manuscript preparation service entails aligning your manuscript’s style and formatting to the style guidelines of your publisher. We iron out the creases in language, style, and readability of the manuscript and elevate it to reflect the standard of professionalism that is expected in the publishing industry.

Copy Editing

Infognana’s teams of copy editors go through every manuscript with a fine-toothed comb to eliminate errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling to make it more presentable. They follow a step by step editing process that deals with content, structure, clarity, data accuracy, and format consistency in separate stages to ensure a thorough editing that will pass muster with even the most rigorous of publishing houses.


Proofreading is the final rung in the editing process. At Infognana, the content is scanned intensely from a lexicon viewpoint by a fresh pair of trained eyes to rid it of errors that have perchance escaped the editor’s attention. Our teams of proof-readers have extensive experience in making documents or books ready for print.


Artistic illustrations in a book can sometimes convey an insight, experience or even an emotion more powerfully than words. Our team of illustrators use their creativity and mastery of digital tools to create impressive illustrations that makes sure your book is accessorized to perfection. We have proven expertise in creating illustrations for book covers, children’s books, comics, character art, training manuals, textbooks, newsletters, magazines, and brochures.

Graphic Design

Graphic images break the monotony of long passages and improve the intelligibility of your content. We have at your disposal a team of talented graphic designers who are adept at image recreation, photo editing, line arts creation, image masking, color correction, background removal, shadow creation, and vector conversion. They can improve the quality and presentation of your images so that they ideally complement your textual content.

Layout Design and Typesetting

No matter how well-written your content it is, if your book or document has a bad layout design, it will ruin the experience for your readers. Typesetting and layout designing are critical elements of the publishing process as they determine how your content is perceived. Typesetters at Infognana solutions have been in the publishing scene long enough to have gained a flair for pagination and composition and bring to their work a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality.