Visual Media is widely acknowledged as the most powerful and the most engaging communication vehicle available to brands today. But to make your video content accessible to a worldwide audience and give your ideas the traction they deserve, you need to adapt to the language and cultural preferences of each of your target markets. Doing this effectively requires multilingual subtitling of your videos. Subtitling localization of your videos allows you to not only get your message across but also evokes the same emotions and meaning that your original content was made to carry.

At Infognana, we have gained expertise in subtitling through our long years of experience. Our Subtitling teams have mastered the specifications and rules specific to subtitling and acquired the creativity needed to capture the exact style and substance of your original content. We have an impressive track record in handling subtitling projects end to end, in more than 75 languages, delivering high-quality subtitling in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

What Makes Us Different?

1. Our Network of Subtitling Experts Are Native Speakers

We carefully handpick skilled professionals who are native speakers and apart from being proficient in language, are well versed with industry best practices in Subtitling.

2. Experience that Spans A Wide Range of Industries

We have wide experience in working with clients from diverse industries including major global brands and Fortune500 companies.

3. A Dedicated Project Manager to Handle Your Queries

We assign a project manager for you who will connect with you on your requirements, goals, budget and timelines and be available to assist you throughout the project duration.

4. Optimum Use of AI Technology

We augment the effectiveness of human translation with AI technology when needed to deliver high degrees of speed, accuracy and efficiency.

5. A Simple Onboarding Process

With Infognana Solutions, it is easy to get started and get regular updates on your projects so as to ensure timely and satisfactory results.