Virtual Assistant Services

Sit back and let your Virtual Project Manager handle all your business affairs

Being a small business owner you must be hard pressed for time, what with having to handle too many things all by yourself. Instead of burning out yourself in the process you can simply hire a professional virtual assistant, who is experienced and capable of handling all this and more. You need to focus on forming a team, taking care of your customers, following up with your vendors, and doing such million other things required for running a business successfully. A virtual project manager will let you sit back and survey all from a distance by carrying out the following tasks brilliantly:

Monitoring your Team with Virtual Assistant Services

As a small business you may have many hands helping out, some whole-timers and some working part time. This could be a mix of freelancers, contractors, agents, vendors, and more, with some working within the four walls of your office and some out in the field. All these people need a person monitoring them to make sure they are putting in their best. You need the services of a person who can help organize all your staff and make them work in tandem so that all tasks are completed well on time. He or she will keep sending reports periodically and bring to your notice important issues that need to be resolved based on their priority and thus ensure your business runs without any hitches.

Ensure that freelancers are paid promptly

It is an acknowledged fact that freelancers work out cheaper in the long run. Contractors and freelancers are important for a business, and they need to be paid based on the output and the turnaround time set for them. The virtual project manager fills in by keeping track of the milestones and hours clocked, and alerts you at the precise time they need to be paid. This helps you maintain a great relationship with your freelancers who are important pillars of your business.

Relieves you by taking care of small tasks

An efficient and professional manager knows the importance of not bothering the boss with trivialities. Simple tasks like returning calls, replying to emails, following up with customer complaints, delegating tasks to team members etc can be handled by the virtual project manager. In other words your virtual project manager is in reality a virtual executive assistant constantly fussing around you and taking care of your important needs.

Entrusting your business affairs in able hands

You may have had all the energy in the world when you started your business, but may not be as enthusiastic and lively now as you were then. A professional outsourcing company offers you the best solution to take care of your business from some remote corner of the world. This gives you the chance to take a break, yet be at the helm of affairs and keep an eye on what is happening all the time. This way you can focus your energies on your core competencies and ensure that the business generates better revenues down the line. To know more about how to go about hiring a professional to work for you remotely contact Infognana, the renowned experts in virtual assistant services.