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Some Quick Tips on Digital Publishing

It is boom time for marketers as digital publishing is here to create a profound impact on customers shopping online. In order to keep up with the times it is important to adapt to the growing needs of the customers. Here are a few quick tips on getting your books published online.

  1. Match the Device

Make sure your content matches the device irrespective of the size. Else you’ll have the problems websites have when they don’t go for responsive web designing. With more Smartphone users turning into online customers today you can’t afford to publish content for such a phone that is meant only for print. Responsive designing is the order of the day, and it is important to remember this.

  1. Be in touch with the readers

With readers being your mainstay you need to keep them happy. You’ll need to publish interactive content in order to keep the readers engaged. Try avoiding too many pop-ups (they can be very irritating) and cut down on the GIFs and animation, which can only leave the reader perplexed. Make sure the pages are well linked and the content is relevant without losing continuity. If you must have ads, try to make them as interactive as you can to make them more interesting.

  1. It is not all digital

Today, users are on the go and prefer to access content on their phones or tablets, with some still preferring print. Of course, there are still the old fashioned types who still prefer the good old PCs and the hundreds of browsers to be used. There are several other digital devices flooding the market, which need to be taken into account as well only then can you hope to get more exposure. Going digital does not necessarily mean that the print or online media need be ignored as they all form a comprehensive package.

  1. Revenue from ads

If you plan to take advantage of the tremendous potential that ads have in digital publishing make sure the ads are digital friendly. Publishing the exact replica of a print ad on a digital device may have the desired effect. Try to make a more user-centric impact giving less importance to pop-ups at regular intervals as they can drive away traffic rather than hold them. Use a lot of creativity in your ads.

  1. Don’t ignore the social media

The social media networks are very important today and are the most happening place where the crowd that matters hangs out. Sharing sneak peeks will help laying a firmer foundation for creating a larger readership. Select the right networks and try to get maximum mileage for your content.

  1. Publishing has changed with the times

Publishing has been evolving continuously and news has attained a status where it is shared faster through social networks. Twitter and Facebook help content go viral like nowhere else. Regular newsletters and updates should be published all around the month or whenever there is hot, happening news, always reaching your consumers on time.

  1. Videos have an effect

Videos are great attention grabbers; hence Infographics are the order of the day today. Try to add as many GIFs and animations as possible that are appropriate in size. If they take too long to download, the very purpose is lost. You should probably try using YouTube and Vimeo which will help surmount such issues.

On the whole, if you are new to the industry, yet would like to take advantage of the boom in the market, it is better to reach out to professional companies like Infognana who are masters in digital publishing and will guide you on the best strategy to adopt.