Blockchain Application

Steps to Develop a Blockchain iOS & Android Application

Our way of life has changed for the better due to the numerous technologies developed daily. Blockchain has recently been a conversation topic among business professionals and common individuals. In this article, let us see the steps involved in developing a blockchain application for iOS and Android.

  1. Build a Strategic Plan

Determining the application approach that best matches your organization is the first step in developing a blockchain application. Understanding the processes involved in application development and the motivations behind them helps you produce good results. Make sure you know the main objectives if you want a blockchain android & iOS app to be developed as your own.

  1. Determine your Plan of Action

It would help if you decided how you want to manage the blockchain database while creating. It may be hybrid, private, or public. The transaction history is accessible to everyone when the database is public. Cryptocurrency mining is not necessary for private infrastructure but for hybrid platforms that combine private and public Blockchains.

  1. Explore your Choices.

  • You must use an open blockchain like Ethereum or Bitcoin to host a public blockchain.
  • Blockchain software must be installed and privately operated without the involvement of a third party if you want to build a private blockchain network. 
  • Some cloud-based solution providers offer Blockchain as a Service, including IBM, BlueMix, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure (BAAS).
  1. Adopt a Concept-centric Approach

Before developing a blockchain Android app, you need to use a Proof-of-Concept (POC) methodology to evaluate your idea. It provides simple methods for testing business outcomes. Given the minimal cost of POC, a successful data transfer project requires careful execution. Before launching a Proof-of-Concept approach, you must ensure that the success measurement criteria are precisely defined.

  1. Development of Blockchain Software

The two crucial decisions you should make during the beginning stage of the development process are whether to build for a specific platform or a cross-platform framework and which tools you must employ. Everyone must pay close attention to choosing what needs to be picked. Both of them have advantages and challenges in terms of development.

  1. Perform Rigorous Tests

It is usually advised to begin testing your project as soon as feasible during development, just like with any other project. Each new feature and building block must pass stringent quality assurance testing.

Although testing front-end apps is a routine task that middle QAs can carry out, smart testing contracts are a unique process. Remember that you won’t be able to change your smart contract after it is deployed on sites like Ethereum. Therefore, any flaws and errors your QA team overlooked will remain intact.

Launch the Application

A blockchain iOS app’s production run is the last step of development. After a successful test with user acceptance, it is now prepared to be sold on the app store or Google play.

The Bottom Line

Changes and innovation are expanding along with the proliferation of new technologies. One such technology that undoubtedly dominates the future is the Blockchain.

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