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How to Rule the Digital Space with a Strong Online Presence in 2017?

With every New Year, there are some nascent beginnings and new resolutions to be made. People make new plans not only for rejuvenating their personal life but also for ensuring their professional well-being. Each year, we are progressing rapidly to the digital age.

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e-publishing companies

How Can Publishers Leverage Mobile Technology?

The increasing mobile advantage has touched every industry including e-publishing services. Few years back, usage of mobile content was considered optional for publishers and content creators. But, the market dynamics have changed now. The current mobile technology has made it imperative for the publishing professionals to go mobile.

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How to Improve Your Online Publishing Business Using XML Conversion?

With the increasing number of e-readers, the business of e-publishing is undergoing unprecedented development. The online selling of books offers better marketing opportunities for the authors and publishers. A website enables a strong online presence for them with new distribution channels.

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e-publishing companies

How to Leverage a Primary Social Media Channel for Selling More Books?

In the e-publishing industry, marketing of a book is the biggest challenge faced by most of the authors. Well, social media is fast catching up as the most popular channel for driving the sales. But, it also has strings attached. The marketing of a book through social media can be often intimidating. Most of the marketers struggle with managing the time taken for optimizing this platform.

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Some Quick Tips on Digital Publishing

It is boom time for marketers as digital publishing is here to create a profound impact on customers shopping online. In order to keep up with the times it is important to adapt to the growing needs of the customers. Here are a few quick tips on getting your books published online.

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Kindle – eBook Publishing Made Easy for Writers of All Genres

It is very easy to have your books published on Kindle if you know how to go about it. Today eBook publishing is becoming more and more popular with readers because of the sheer convenience it offers. Authors and writers can now aspire to publish their stories and the do-it-yourself guides on Kindle without having to pay any charges. Read more