Virtual assistants productivity

Techniques to Optimize the Productivity of your Virtual Assistants


Productivity is one of the primary focuses of all the companies in this competitive world. Moreover, when it comes to remote workers, productivity will rule the roost. It has become an undeniable fact. In terms of the Virtual Assistant’s Productivity, there are some elegant tips that will guide and support you to spruce up.

There are several known reasons why your VAs productivity may not be at its best. One of the most common mistakes which is prevalent among the employers is to assume that virtual assistants do not require an on-boarding process.

In this article, let’s review the most important things to take into consideration once you’ve hired/chosen your virtual assistants.

Setting the Ball Rolling

In order to work efficiently as a team, good communication with your virtual assistant is paramount. This signifies that there are some necessary and inevitable processes to make sure that everything is crystal clear. Your remote support should have a thorough knowledge of the corporate culture of your company. In addition, they should be well aware of your objectives.

Thinking about ratifying a good foundation for your virtual assistant? Here are some suggestions:

1. On-boarding

While it is an undeniable fact that virtual assistants are not employees, it is also true that they need a hands on about your company.

Hence, the onboarding process is highly indispensable.

2 Objectives

Talking about the corporate culture of your company is paramount. It is mainly focused on the establishment of the objectives in which your virtual assistant is directly related.

Furthermore, when we talk about objectives, we are discoursing about having established a strategy that your virtual assistant will be in charge of executing.

3 Follow-up

For the purpose of tracking tasks and results, we always suggest the use of specific tools. For example, tools such as: time monitoring and project management. In this manner, everyone will be on the same page by default and actions can be taken as they arise.

Some of the predominantly used tools include Slack, Time Doctor, G-Suite, Trello, and more.

4 Analysis of results

It is sagacious to hold a weekly meeting to review the KPIs and make any necessary modifications focused on accomplishing/achieving the objectives

The above mentioned steps predominantly embody a work routine with your virtual assistant.

Sharpening-Virtual Assistant’s Productivity

Some people will be astonished when we talk or discuss about enhancing a virtual assistant’s productivity. This happens because there is a conception that virtual assistants are experts in time management. Even though one of the virtues of VAs is that they are organized, it is also true that team integration takes time.

Sometimes it happens that some VAs find themselves performing a new task entirely. Likewise, there are chances that they do it in a different way and it takes them a while to adjust.

Having that situation in mind, we wish to share 5 TRICKS that have proven to be the best in terms of jacking up VAs Productivity.

1. Lay Down Daily Goals

Having a daily checklist/goals allows your VA to identify the most important tasks to complete in the day ahead. For this, we always recommend using project management tools such as Asana or Trello. They can check the fulfillment of each one throughout the day in a professional way.

2. Toughest thing first

People generally have more energy and fewer distractions, at the start of the day. This makes it easier to focus on the difficult tasks to a large extent.

One effective way to maintain this routine is to turn off all distractions and focus on the tasks.

3. Pin down the Day’s Productive Time

As per the recent study, there is a productive time for each person.

Just as in school, not everyone performs the same manner in every subject. This scenario prevails in the workplace also and not everyone performs the same way with the same schedules.

This is regarded as one of the least known hacks in the business world.

4. 5-minute rule

Derived by Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder of Instagram, this 5-minute rule is creating wonders.

In the workplace, majority of the employees decide to procrastinate tasks. The fear of doing them wrong or not being prepared for execution tends them to procrastinate.

Procrastination is the terrible enemy of productivity. We have found that by applying the 5-minute rule, our VAs have been able to prevail over the temptation to procrastinate.

5. Review your week every Friday

It is quintessential to have weekly meetings especially to review the KPIs. This way you can examine to see if the strategies are working if there are any hiccups/problems their execution.


Hiring virtual assistants helps with the productivity of your company competently.

In virtual assistant business, productivity is something that all companies are always looking to improve and we are finding better ways to do it.