​David Pino

This is my primary software & web development company.  After 5+ years of working with the Infognana Team, I cannot express how blessed I was to find them. Amazing group of individuals who strive to make sure their clients are happy with the products and services they provide. The Infognana Team has ALWAYS gone above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. I would also like to express our pleasure with working alongside their finance team as well.  Sometimes we have certain client financial constraints and agreements that clients must adhere to and Infognana has again, ALWAYS worked to ensure that the projects can move forward. 


I cannot express my satisfaction enough with this group of amazing individual. 


I can honestly say that I am Proud to be part of the Infognana Family!!! 

Cecylia Pierzchała

The cooperation with Infognana Solutions has expanded fairly through last 3 years. Infognana Solutions successfully covers DTP work for our main project lines. The main pros of the cooperation are: easy and effective communication – via e-mail or skype and, satysfying quality provided.


Thank you to you and your staff for getting this job has done so quickly! I know the license plate photos were difficult to read and required a lot of effort to be able to get enter each plate, so I really appreciate both the speed and accuracy on this job.

Madison Hughes

I have greatly enjoyed working with Infognana Solutions for quick-turnaround DTP projects. They are knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and very responsive. We have been so appreciative of their expertise and amazing customer service.

Jonathan Peck

I was very pleased with the files you sent for the recently completed E-book conversion project.

Jennifer Van Hart

Infognana has proven to be a reliable partner for our data entry needs. They are responsive, fairly priced, and provide good quality output. We have been working with them for some years now and anticipate the relationship to continue well into the future.