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The Popular Web Design Trends of 2016

The technological advancement has paved the way to identify a business digitally, where a website plays as its digital image. For any online business, a good functional web design lays a strong foundation for creating and sustaining concrete relationships.

But a bad one will have negative effects on the reliability factor. But again just a usable web site could be boring; incorporating those “extra interesting” elements in “moderation” can be of exceptional value.

There are lots of web design trends available that are used by companies or service providers, to design the websites. If you are hiring a service for designing your website, be it any software development company, they should have a proper understanding of what your business basically requires and how improved design will have a positive influence on your business.

With better standards and refinements this year the concept of trends goes from ideal to standard. Let’s have a look at the most popular web design trends of this year.


Microinteractions are the digital moments that hover around a single use case. Changing a setting, account login, setting an alarm, liking a Facebook picture, etc. aforementioned everything involves you with microinteraction. They seem to be everywhere in our daily life like in our devices, home appliances, device apps, etc. making it an essential part of any app.

Material Design

Developed by Google this design pattern brings back some really nice graphical elements, and possibly a better alternative to flat design as widely suggested. With layered design and built-in animation concepts, this design proves to be clean and contemporary. Recently Google also introduced Material Design Lite that adds to the Material Design features and is not limited to any framework thus enabling its users with wide front-end tool options in creating their sites.

User Interface

This user-centered design is engineered to focus on making the user-interaction simple and efficient. With this basic need effectively met, the design has much less to offer in the way of innovation for a differentiated look.

Responsive Design

Simply put a website should be equipped to automatically respond to the user and device preferences. With the high scope of usage created by the increasing use of mobile internet, this design is losing its trend mode and attaining the necessity mode.

These are the current popular trends, but a popular choice doesn’t always have to be the best choice for you in particular. It is to means that these are good for use if you need them. Contact Infognana for a better understanding of web design concepts and how we could help in converting it to your business’s advantage.