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Things You Must Know about the Laravel Framework

The coders are vouching for the simple functionality and avant-garde features of Laravel. This web application development framework has been there since last couple of years. But, the launch of its latest version 4.0 moved up the ante.

It minimizes the fuss in scripting the codes for web applications. Undoubtedly, it is leading the bandwagon of next-gen web frameworks of lately.

However, it is important that selection of a PHP framework depends on your project requirements and core competencies. Here, you must understand the frameworks as they are. Basically, these are the pre-built and easy to use set of codes that is used for writing PHP scripts. It simplifies the process by diminishing the need to write repetitive codes.

What is Laravel?

It is a PHP framework that has its own engine to be used for writing templates. This engine called Blade helps to write plain PHP codes that you can use in your applications. The latest version of Laravel comes with a micro PHP framework called Lumen for faster APIs and advanced services. It is enabled with an inherent Database Version control and Composer tool to manage the third-party packages. The impressive syntax and unit testing features are other add-on offerings of this framework.

Why Laravel?

Well, Laravel is popular because it is simplified, beautiful, and fast. All these features make a framework viable for your web development projects. It works on a general design principle emphasizing on easily maintainable codes. And, being clean is an added advantage of Laravel for software development.

Isolation of Code Base:

The MVC architecture of Laravel is designed to separate every component of the web application into individual code bases that can be managed easily without any risk of endangering other parts or the entire application. Moreover, the functionality of this framework needs to be applied only once. You can merge the shared codes among the different parts of your application.

The Feature of Unit Testing:

Unit testing is a unique and absolutely functional feature of Laravel. It implies that you can test a code simultaneously while writing the other ones. It ensures accuracy and streamlines the process with guaranteed results.

The Code Sizing:

There are no more dreary lines of codes that seemed to never end. This advanced framework is smarter to eliminate the prolonged processing cycles and the burgeoning hosting costs. It is intelligently created to allow the coders with more flexibility in PHP scripting. From small-sized applications to gargantuan enterprise designs, they can work effortlessly on every project by using Laravel.

Community Support:

As stated earlier, Laravel is a popular framework for the programmers and coders around the world. Hence, there is a huge community of fellow developers, geeks, and nerds ready to offer their support whenever you feel struck somewhere.

The Compatibility:

Laravel’s compatibility is as impressive as its design and functionality. This framework is easily compatible with guest libraries, PSR 2, and Composer system.

The frameworks like CodeIgniter, Symfony2 and Zend2 are embedded with their own benefits but in terms of overall functionality and performance, Laravel is a sure winner.

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