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Tips to adapt your store to online mode during the pandemic!

In the past few months, the coronavirus pandemic has toppled the plans of people all over the world with vast changes in how events, vacations, and sales happen. But one positive aspect is that the pandemic has pushed up the demand for online retailing.

E-commerce is now a very good spot to be for businesses looking to sustain and grow during this challenging time. However, it is not that simple to suddenly step up into an eCommerce set up. 

Ecommerce sales trends during Coronavirus 

Here are some interesting facts on sales of different categories of products through eCommerce platforms during the last few months (source: Shipbob’s trends). 

Baby products – Sales of baby products have soared like never before with about 237% increase within weeks and reaching 1,197% within months.

Food – Food E-commerce is increasing by about 20% week-over-week and 26% month-over-month.

Beverage – Sales have boomed with more than a 25% increase in average sales. 

Toys & entertainment – Products like toys have faced a downfall in sales by nearly 54%. 

Clothing, Cosmetics & Electronics – These items are facing lower demand during the pandemic. 

Impact of Coronavirus over Ecommerce

In this unprecedented time where social distancing has become the norm, Ecommerce has assumed greater importance. Shut-down of storefronts have made business owners realize the necessity of an online presence for their business.

The inflow of online shopping

Most businesses in the U.S have seen a significant rise in Ecommerce based sales numbers when compared with the sales performance of their physical stores and shops. Statistics show that revenue through e-commerce has increased by about 40% in the U.S. after the declaration of emergency. 

Ecommerce delivery

Since the pandemic started there is a shortage of inventory and delivery goods. As transport is completely shut, there is a great disruption in the supply chain as well. 

Increase in eCommerce stores

There is a great rise in SaaS-based eCommerce platforms. The gateway for online shopping sites has lowered their barriers to retail online. This has paved the way for retailers who sell quality products to continue their business.

Rise of groceries sales online

The hassles of dealing with long queues and social distancing requirements have made it frustrating for people to shop for groceries in a physical store. A survey taken in March stated that about one-third of people opt for online grocery shopping for their needs, and about 41% of them are using this service for the first time. 

Take your storefronts online 

Hopefully, the pandemic may end soon enough but the repercussions on business are expected to last for at least a year. If the current situation has adversely impacted your business or sales, don’t worry. Nothing is lost yet. Ecommerce could be a way out for you. Here are some e-commerce strategies you could try to sustain and grow in this challenging time.

  • Choose a good outsourcing company like Infognana solutions to help your business create a strong online presence 
  • Conduct periodic surveys on ‘Customer needs’ to understand better about the changes in preferences. Introduce or sell products on high demand in the market like Sanitizers for the current situation.
  • Focus more on the work-from-home audience, even a boredom buster game or product could pull more traffic to your page.
  • Drive more traffic through PPC advertising with highlights to essential products 
  • Give special discounts and exclusive offers to encourage customers to buy from your site

If you are looking to give your business a new lease of life through E-commerce, contact us today to find a reliable outsourcing partner who can assist you with competitor analysis, catalog management, and other eCommerce services. With more than two decades of experience and strong technology infrastructure, Infognana Solutions can help you build and maintain a robust online sales channel.