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Tips to Increase Online Sales with Rich Media Content

Rich Media Content is an ad that contains text, audio, video, animation or any other interactive elements that encourage the user to engage with the content. As it has been said, “Content is King”, the trick is to create the right content for the right people at the right time.

Here are a few tips on how you can use rich media content for your marketing strategies :

Images are known to boost your brand’s reputation and get more likes and shares than other content. Attractive product promotional images relating to your brand and its features will gain extra attention; the kind you need to grow your audience.

A classic example of rich media content is videos. They alone can amp up your metrics remarkably. Users are said to spend an average of two minutes longer on a page containing videos. Featured videos like manufacturer’s videos or product demos or 360degree views of items are one of the best ways to showcase your brand to your target audience. With a little bit of fancy editing, the right music and voice-overs/presenters you can have a control over how you present your product and brand.

3.Interactive Content
Digital quizzes and polls should be one of your main content marketing goals as you cannot go wrong with them. Keep in mind when creating them the questions should be easy, fun, simple and interesting. Including images, videos and other visual elements will help engage your audience easily which may even generate advanced leads. Other interactive contents like tips and tricks, fashion guides, how-to guides, etc are hard to overlook by any user and thus will reach a larger audience.

4.Audio Features and Podcasts
Podcasts in your content are a good way to help users remember information about your products and show them your brand is not just about selling products but also cares about the community. This way you can increase your audience and make it easy for them to trust your content. Sharing podcasts are free so you will be able to reach customers at their own convenience.

5.Social Media Embeds
Social media is a platform that people use to connect with others. They also like to see social embeds in the content they view online for the same reason. These social media embeds are very visually appealing and showcase what the user wants to see from a brand. Embeds like Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Tweets and Pinterest boards relating to a particular product or brand will optimize your content.

Not sure of the rich media content you want to post for your brand? We at Infognana Solutions have a team of experts who will help you put out the right content by understanding your brand value and target audience.

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