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Top 4 Reasons You Should Caption Your Videos

Without closed captions (CC), video material is like a concert pianist performing in front of an empty room. You’ve worked tirelessly to create an incredible video, but you’re not reaching your intended audience. And, in today’s hyper-connected society, it’s no longer an option not to generate captioned material.

People all around the globe are continuously engaging with the material, and they all have various requirements, lifestyles, and methods of getting video and streaming.

You may reach all of them by utilizing captions! That isn’t the only advantage.

Here are our top five reasons why captioning your films is so important in today’s world.

1. Increase Audience Attention and Understanding

The positive learning response among students demonstrates that captions make it simpler to grab and hold your audience’s attention. According to research conducted by the University of South Florida, captions were beneficial in learning about a topic for 99 percent of students.

According to several studies, captions increase reading abilities by offering more exposure to the printed word to learning readers. Captions also assist comprehension for viewers whose first language is not English by allowing them to read along as they listen. 

This implies that just by adding captions, you may reach out to international audiences and those who use English as a second language. Also, videos with subtitles take longer to watch hence the extended viewing periods not only help you communicate your message but also help your content rank higher in search engines. Numerous studies have demonstrated that captions increase both understanding and development of new video material.

2. Easy to Engage with your content (without sound)

We don’t always want to hear loud noises from our gadgets while we’re always on the go. Captioning makes it simpler for audiences to view films and streams, no matter where they are or what they are doing. Captions let individuals engage easily whether they are on public transportation without headphones, or if they are in a quiet area where they can’t play the music, or if they just want to read along.

We now know that 83% of media consumers in the United States watch video with the sound turned off. Not only that, but when subtitles are provided, 80% of viewers are more inclined to watch the full video rather than just the beginning or skipping through.

This is because captions make viewing engaging and easier to understand. It’s a clear reason why your content needs to be subtitled.

3. Upgrade Your Content & SEO With Transcripts

Transcription is a byproduct of the captioning process. If the captioning is done professionally, transcripts are made accessible after the process, and they may also be converted into a transcript on their own.

One of the most significant benefits of having a transcript of your material is that it allows a video or stream to be found by search engines, such as Google, through SEO.

Search engines can’t index video material since they can’t watch or listen to it, but they can index text — transcripts. This is why anytime your caption, you should also make your video transcript or highlights available so that your content will rank better, resulting in more views and exposure.

Furthermore, transcripts may be used to adapt your material into different formats, such as a blog piece or an email to your target audience. With transcripts for your movies, creating new content is as easy as copying and pasting…

4. Enhance Your Content Accessibility

There is a considerable hearing loss for almost 5% of the world’s population. That’s a large number– over 460 million – of individuals who will not have access to content if they don’t utilize subtitles. Captions are designed to help your hearing audiences who are impaired or hard to hear. The better it is if the subtitles are more precise and accurate. As we discuss this issue, transcriptions and audio descriptions are more significant ways of improving the accessibility of your video material. These are crucial ways to investigate if you value material that is accessible.

Now is the Right Time to Caption Your Content

You may have noticed by now how beneficial captioning may be to your material. A larger audience, improved engagement, increased accessibility, and greater flexibility… All of this will aid the growth of your content in the digital world. The second good news is that practically any form of content may be captioned! It’s possible to organize captions for video recorded, streaming video, Webinar sessions, broadcasts, or just about anything else.

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