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Top Factors to Consider When Building Your SEO Strategy For 2017

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the mainstay of your digital marketing endeavors. To stay on top of the rankings, you’ll need robust strategies integrated into this process. Over the years, Google has largely transformed this industry with its algorithms. However, it still favors link building and effective content more than any other factor.

In fact, some recent studies have been made in this regard where links emerged as the most powerful factor of SEO rankings.

Why Are Links So Powerful In SEO Metrics?

There are over 200 factors employed by Google for ranking of the sites. It sounds intimidating. But, you needn’t focus on each of these factors at a time. Rather, you should be familiar with the factors that are relevant to your business. Still, the most crucial aspects of SEO revolve around links in the form of external links, authority links, and anchor text. Your site should have a good amount of external links from authority websites like educational journals and news portals. The anchor text should be keyword optimized and pertinent to the targeted page. When applied properly, link building can certainly boost your SEO rankings taking you on top of the SERPs.

How to Build Stronger Links?

In the digital landscape, there are many online marketers fiddling the search engines with their black hat SEO practices. However, Google has found the ways to tackle them. The changing algorithms are prioritizing relevancy of links over their number. The inbound links should be sourced from distinguished online publications and content resources. Here, prefer the sites having a wide audience and trustworthy content. Also, links should correlate with your content for optimized rankings.

What Else To Consider for SEO in 2017?

Despite their growing influence, links are not the only ranking factor considered by Google. This search engine lays equal impetus on other factors like content creation, Click-Through Rates, and UX/UI design. The Click-Through Rate or CTR is a key metric for measuring the success of your SEO efforts. Retaining the users on the landing pages has become challenging in this era when attention spans are dwindling at a rapid speed.

In this context, CTR data and A/B tests running with SERPs have emerged as significant ranking factors used by Google. It has become critical to retain visitors on your site to remain on top of organic search results. Let’s understand the strategies you need to follow for ensuring the same:

Enhance The Overall User Engagement:

When users visit your pages, you have hardly 3-4 seconds for catching their attention. You must keep them engaged with an enriching user interface, simplified navigation, and faster page loading speed.

Work On The Headings and Sub Headings:

The title or heading of your content will set the course of its relevance. Last year, many marketers implemented this strategy for optimized results. The trend will continue in 2017 as well. Faster results can be achieved with titles and subs reflecting the core idea of the continent with targeted keywords. Add more value to them. And, they will keep the visitors engaged to get the most out of this content.

In 2017, optimization of CTR, content, and link building will define the effectiveness of your SEO strategies. You can move up the ante by using Augmented Reality, videos, and Virtual Reality as well. However, you’ll need the digital marketing services of experts to catch up with these trends. At Infognana, we ensure complete guidance for your SEO journey due to our experience and knowledge of this domain.