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Top Features Required in Business Networking Apps for Startups

Business networking is one of the top requirements for the entrepreneurs, especially start-ups. Your concept or idea of business may have the spark but running a business without valid connections would pull you back. Establishing a wide network for your business is not hard in this digital age. In fact, face to face interactions are losing popularity. People lean towards digital platforms for business networking and meetings conducted via the internet are preferred nowadays.

Mobile app development companies are anticipating a huge potential in business networking applications. According to them, it will change the outlook of business and considerably increase the approach. Age groups of 25 to 44 years are mostly interested in advanced technology. If you are targeting them, then a transition to digital platforms is really a good choice. You can refine your audience with comprehensive market research and proper planning. You should consider some top features when creating business networking applications for your business.

Make App Easy and Effective:

Though people are getting more tech-savvy, yet they are reluctant to try complicated applications. Hence, make your app easy to use so that users get familiar with its features in a short time. It is recommended to avoid putting irrelevant features in your app to make it look organized. You need to figure out the functionalities that are important for your business networking – chat box, user groups, and communities instead of attaching unwanted features.

An expert mobile app development company emphasizes on a simple and easy navigation. Buttons like menu should be featured with all important categories and ensure excellent experiences right from the first touch. In short, make your business networking app more practical for effective use.

User Experience:

Often, people uninstall apps that ask for login details upfront. These apps do not allow users to experience the app instead requests a signup. Make sure that your app doesn’t follow this suite. It shouldn’t force users to fill a detailed form immediately. Firstly, offer them close glimpses of your app and let them understand its features. Once they find it worthy, you can take their details later. This user-friendliness will help you in increasing your user base.

Logins through Social Media:

Many times, the users are reluctant to feed their personal information in a new app. Therefore, you should allow them to log in through social media. It is convenient for users as they don’t need to provide abundant details and are ready to use the app with a few taps. Normally, people tend to forget logins and password of new app but login through social media eliminate the chances of this issue.

Profile Customization:

Whether using social media or any other networking app, users love to customize their profile. Hence, it is an inevitable requirement to offer functionality that allows easy customization of profile. Profile customization feature must include:

  1. Uploading and editing of profile picture
  2. Allow an option to pick picture from social media profiles
  3. Feature to customize layout, style, and background of the profile
  4. Allow linking with other social media platforms

Give Priority to Speed:

The tech-savvy audience would not like applications which take an excessive time to load or function. Even Facebook faced backlash when its app was slow. User can’t wait a few seconds more in this age of fast internet. Hence, you should ensure your app loads faster and performs every function seamlessly to become a prominent platform for every user.

These are the topmost features required in a business networking app for the start-ups. Infognana holds the expertise in mobile app development with years of experience backing our efficiency.