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5 Simple Tricks to Increase Mobile Conversion Rate for E-commerce

Mobile phones are so easily available that every second person has one nowadays. Since we are in the era of digitization, online shopping has become common as it is so easy for people to just look up a product on their phone than going from store to store searching for it.

But, there is one problem with mobile shopping – there are not many conversions happening when compared to desktop shopping. If a customer fails to find what they are looking at on one app or website, they will visit competitor websites to find the desired product. Thus, there is still a chance to convert customers on mobile devices by providing a unique experience.

Here are 5 simple tricks to follow that will help to increase mobile conversion rates for e-Commerce.

Improve Mobile Site Speed

The most basic trick is to increase your mobile website speed so that your visitors will enjoy their experience which in turn will improve your mobile conversion rates. Users move within 3 seconds to another website if the first one is slow. By creating a fast mobile website, you will be able to engage more people, which will improve mobile conversion rates.

Simplify Website Usage

Whether a mobile device or any other gadget, the usability plays an important role in online interaction. When you make your site more usable for people to find what they are looking for, the more visitors for your site. One way you can make their experience a pleasant one is by making the process as efficient as possible so they don’t run into any trouble in the future. When it comes to design, always make sure there is enough space between the products so that the customer does not make the wrong selection. Allowing customers to recover from tiny errors like entering incorrect details is also one way which you can simplify things.

Keep Payments Simple

Nobody enjoys long-winded payment methods that take forever to go through and are too confusing to comprehend in the first place! It gives the customer a sense of distrust and they may begin to wonder if the e-Commerce website is legit or not. So, the easier your payments methods by mobile are, the better your conversion rates will be.  

Include Videos

Even on social media, people love watching videos and spend hours together online. So, what other way to attract your potential customers than videos and at the same time increase your chances of getting viewers interested in your content. The best way to tell your brand’s story is through a video. When you show people that your product is worth buying,  and speak to your customers through the video, your conversion rates are likely to be increased. Make sure your videos are short and informative and also optimize your videos for an amazing browsing experience.

Foster a Sense of Trust

When a visitor is able to trust your website and believe you, then they will be more likely to take necessary actions for the next step. The best way to foster trust with potential customers is to ensure them that their financial details are safe and secure while making payments. Using reviews, testimonials and other social proof will also be a reassurance to the visitors. The most important factor is to provide correct contact information details to show you are running a legitimate business.

It is not always easy to advance or improve your mobile conversion rates. But, with the help of professionals like Infognana Solutions you can count on a positive difference in your conversion rates.

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