VA Hiring Checklist

VA Hiring Checklist

Offloading your work to Virtual Assistants can help expand your business, while you concentrate on your core efficiency. As hiring your regular on site employee, hiring VA requires equal diligence. Honing down to your perfect VA employee can be a big boost to your business goals.

But before you hire your potential VA, here’s a comprehensive VA hiring checklist to choose the best suited for your organization.

  • Required work experience along with mandatory skills should be first on your VA hiring checklist, while short listing and hiring the most eligible VA for your company. This should be the most comprehensive part of your search where you clearly bring the kind of job responsibilities you are wishing your VA to handle and check whether the person in question satisfies all your professional requirements.

  • Of course while you hire, discussing the remuneration is important. While settling on the monthly pay of your VA, you have to be sure the candidate is worth the price. On the other hand your required skill set might not come in the price you can afford. So while negotiating gauge the worthiness of the VA.

  • Your hired VA should be available to you in the working hours as per your convenience and should be able to adapt himself to your dynamic needs in terms of work hours, even if you both are working in different time zones.

  • Being good with the communication skills is one of the pre-requisite for any off site employee including your VA and being compatible with your communication tools comes within this jurisdiction.

  • If you are looking for a long term association, the attitude of the employee matters a lot which is true even while hiring VA for your company. Positive attitude, enthusiasm and determination to achieve goals is a must. If hiring for short term, this needs to be spoken to the VA in clarity to avoid any disappointment in future.

  • Trust is an important criterion but how can you be sure of the credibility of your VA? The candidate has access to all your authorized accounts along with the passwords therefore you have to be sure of hiring the right person on job. If hiring through an agency, this factor is partially taken care of as the credibility of the person becomes the responsibility of the VA agency. There are number of online websites who provide a secure platform for hiring off site employees. But if hiring a freelance VA, you might want to check from the references or go on to checking the social media accounts of the person to have an idea about the trustworthiness.

Working with virtual assistance is the need of the hour but it is not like a plug and play solution. Also you have to know that your Virtual Assistant is a human and comes with limited expertise, expecting him to perform like your one shop stop solution is inhuman. You have to invest in hiring your probable VA and also spend time with good training and acquainting your resource with your work ethics. Finding the apt VA can change the course of your business achievements so spending time hiring VA is an investment for your better future. Get in touch with Infognana, to hire a resource that fits your requirement!