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Virtual Assistance Trends to Look Out for in 2019

The world today is a fast paced one where everyone wants to do many things at the same time. Obviously it is not possible by a single person to do so many different things at the same time. This is where virtual assistants can come to the rescue! There has been a wide growth and acceptance of using virtual assistants at work.

It is important for middle and top level management workers to have the ability to multitask for the success of any organization. Remote virtual assistants help cut down a company’s overall expense while handling an array of tasks to support and streamline the business.  

The virtual assistant market has been on the rise in the last year and will continue to grow effectively this year. Here are some of the Virtual Assistant trends that we are going to witness in 2019.

  • Cost-cutting strategies and overhead expense

All companies are on the lookout for new ways to cut down costs and overhead expenses, while increasing productivity and revenue. Hiring VAs will be a boon as you don’t have to pay any additional benefits to them or have to pay for any extra internet connection, phone line, rent, etc. A VA is a better option than hiring an in-house employee as they will save you a lot on the total costs per year.

  • Work-life balance

The most exciting trend of virtual assistance that everyone is eagerly anticipating is the work-life balance. With an increase in work stress and the exhaustion of daily commute taking a toll on people’s health, allowing employees to work flexible hours will bring about lots of benefits for the business. Thus, more and more businesses are leaning towards virtual assistant services to ensure optimum productivity while giving their employees a work-life balance they can enjoy.

  • Blogging

The growing trend of blogging has become one of the most influential marketing tools that enhances a company’s online presence. This tool when strategically used, can help you gain a competitive advantage over your peers and also obtain new customers. VAs can help you boost online visibility by creating high-quality content and promote your business by not just regular blogs but also updating plugins, new SEO strategies, social media posts etc.,

  • Increased employment opportunities

Retired workers or senior citizens are always on the hunt for something to do that will help them earn a little extra cash to support their insufficient pensions. Hiring these experienced retired professionals as VAs will help bridge the skill gap in the organization and also a chance for them to earn a little additional money. Taking into consideration their years and years of experience and expertise, many organizations are hiring retired people as VAs.

Because of the manifold benefits of working as a VA many people are opting for this position than an in-house job. Considering all the above benefits, it is likely that the demand for virtual assistance is going to steadily rise in 2019.

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