• Why do you need a Airbnb Virtual Assistant?

    Being a Property Manager is not a smooth sailing. You need to preempt multifarious responsibilities and tasks when handling a vacation rental business. It may be highly challenging most times, and you may have an inclination for support on a regular basis. As your business mushrooms, you may be in need of more support and it is undeniable. This may lead to the acquisition of more resources in order to avoid the scenario of being bogged down. It is a much required aspect to keep your business on track. To help you take a staunch decision- whether you would like to have someone to share the workload with, it is mandatory to shoot up some questions (self):

    1. Are you jam-packed by your current workload?
    2. Are you overloaded with paperwork?
    3. Thinking of better ways to utilize your time?
    4. Are there any possibilities to hire another full-time staff member?
    5. Are you bearing the brunt of stress?
    6. Do you need something done as you don’t possess the skills to do on your own?

    If your answer is ‘YES’ to more than one question or all of the above, then it is high time that you lay hands on ‘Virtual Assistants’. With their professional help, you can simplify your life and mitigate some of your workload. Landing you in the right solutions for your problems is our one and only PIE IN THE SKY!!!

  • Why Infognana Airbnb Virtual Assistant?

    Working with SuperHosts, So we understand the quality standard we must provide and importance of guest satisfaction & feedback.

    Experienced with vacation rental management platforms such as Guesty, Hospitable, ETC, So our team requires minimum training.

    Reliable but cost effective when compared to in house support team

    We have backup chat assistant so your guests receive un-interrupted support even when your assistant is on leave at no extra cost!!!

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  • Craftsmanship/Skillfulness

    A virtual assistant phenomenally knuckles down in a specific area or has the competence to multi-task a host of different duties in one breath. They are more than likely to have exceptional experience working in myriad businesses and are able to get accustomed to a variety of framework and meet the requirements which the position demands.

  • No ‘Office Space’

    Since the Virtual Assistants work remotely, there is no need for any Office Space.

  • Cost-Efficient

    A virtual assistant can simultaneously save your money in an exceptional manner. To hire a virtual assistant, there is no involvement of a huge sum when compared with a full-time salaried employees.

  • Enhancement of Output

    Your productivity may jack up and customers will receive timely responses by hiring a virtual assistant. They can assist you if, for example, you are completely held up and when there is a need to respond quickly to customer inquiries. As a result, due care will be given to your customers, and you can also focus on other pending tasks right away.

  • Flexibility

    Working with a Virtual Assistant indicates you don't have to necessarily stick to a standard 9-5 schedule. They are flexible and feasible when required. Time zone differences may also be beneficial if you're in different time zones. Rather than delegating eight-hour shifts, develop a schedule that brings in maximum output at a low cost. If you're not happy with the performance of the VA, it's simple enough you can always put down the shutter.

  • State-of-the-art Quality of Work

    You might think- If someone handled all the tedious tasks for you, how much more productive and progressive would you be? By doing so, you would have ample time to spend in your business run-up. It would also save you from encountering the routine ‘Employee Re-training’ Chapter. Rather than throwing light on every new technology that springs up in the market, why not hire a professional VA who already possess the skills?

  • Risk of Scalability-Curtailed

    A virtual office assistant could be a perfect solution if you're at a stagnation point with your business, where you are not sure of the future happenings. The numbers may be pointing to growth, but you're not certain - how quickly it can be visualized. Rather than hiring new employees, a VA could facilitate in managing your workload without breaking the bank.

  • Labor cost-saver

    Virtual assistants have the caliber to work independently. As all the taxes and insurance are handled by them, you need to pay only for their labor. You need to hire them to do a particular job, and your work is done. You'll save ample amount which finds its necessity elsewhere!