Mobile Recruitment

What Makes Mobile Recruitment the Future of Retail Industry?

Gone are the days when recruiters use to post vacancies on their career page and wait for candidates to apply and walk in for an interview. This was probably the most conventional approach that somehow restricted the growth of retail sector. The retail sector has ample potential to drive the growth of an economy. With the introduction of IT recruitment services, it has shown the signs of improvement.

These tech-driven services have advanced the pace of recruitment. Yet, they fell short on filling the gaps of talent acquisition in some sectors. A limited number of job seekers have access to computer throughout the day. At the same time, applying through kiosks is time-consuming and expensive.

In this regard, mobile phones or smartphones are looked as the future of recruitment for hiring the best talents in the retail industry. However, a report suggested that only 13% of all applications were processed through smartphones. Hence, there is a great scope for improvement in this sphere. The candidates always prefer convenient and user-friendly applications for finding new jobs. Similarly, it should be easy for recruiters to hire the best candidates. Mobile recruitment can become a retailer’s best friend for taking their business to the next level. If you are looking to transform your recruitment process through mobile, here are the tips to follow for better results.

Mobile Optimization:

Mostly, companies emphasize on an extensive applying process. The entire focus of mobile recruitment procedure is pointed towards efficiency of candidates and convenience of application offered through smartphones. This is important but you can’t ignore the comfort of a hiring manager. Mobile recruitment should be optimized to allow easy job posting, tracking of posts, reply queries, and making offers. It is also important for the recruitment manager to get feedbacks and updates on their smartphones in the real-time.

Choose Precise Services:

There may be many companies providing mobile recruitment technology, but selecting the best among them can make a huge difference in acquiring great talent. Each IT recruitment company offers different solutions in retail recruitment but the best company emphasizes on a comprehensive solution. They offer consistency in talent acquisition and engaging the best talents.

Prefer Experience:

In the field of retail recruitment, experience matters more than educational credentials. Hence, retail recruiters always prefer hiring the most experienced candidates. Mobile recruitment should be suitable for both recruiters as well as candidates to complete the process of hiring. The interface must be simple and intuitive. The job seekers must connect to your recruitment process in the same way as consumers relate to a certain brand.

A Short Process of Application:

Candidates avoid lengthy recruitment procedure. This is an important point to acknowledge before switching to mobile recruitment process. Applicants tend to lose interest if application process takes more time than anticipated. It is not feasible to provide detailed information on smartphones. Hence, it is mandatory to keep your applying process short and precise for a higher response.

Mobile recruitment will prove to be a milestone in talent acquisition process for the retailers. In this competitive market, attracting and retaining talented candidates can be highly advantageous. With our years of experience, Infognana can offer tailored services for IT recruitment in all the sectors including retail. We can provide efficient mobile-based hiring solutions for streamlining the recruitment processes.