content intelligence

Why Content Intelligence is Important for your Business.

The monitoring and analysis of interactions with published material is the subject of content intelligence aka content analytics. Blogs, articles, podcasts, movies, and product visualizations are examples of this. This makes content intelligence beneficial for all individuals and teams who develop and distribute content, such as public relations, marketing, communications, and sales. Continue reading to know more about content intelligence and its value to your business.

The Modern Sales cycle requires content intelligence.

The purpose of content marketing in digital marketing is to deliver the right content to customers and prospects at the right time and in the right location. Content must give extra value to the recipient and relevant additional information throughout the purchase decision-making process.

Content intelligence analyses the usage of marketing materials and identifies relevant patterns using technology such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Marketers may use this information to produce content that improves the online customer experience throughout the customers’ journey.

With Content Intelligence, most marketers can easily interact with and engage their consumers. Content Intelligence, in general, assists marketers in the following areas:

  • Content strategy evaluation, creation, and performance optimization
  • Using competition data and research to develop the type of content that is tailor-made to audience preferences
  • Experiment with various content types and how they should be generated, such as content intelligence-based videos
  • AI analyzes content for style, tone of voice, and other important metrics to generate relevant content
  • The ability to forecast the efficacy of your content based on the performance of your competitors in the past
  • Lets you create high-quality, useful content that helps you attract more visitors, enhance conversion rates, and get prominence in search results

Trending Software for Content Intelligence

While conducting competitive intelligence on your own is doable, the software simplifies the process and produces results quickly. Let’s go through some high-quality tools you may use in your approach.

  • Buzzsumo – Buzzsumo uses keyword search to assist marketers to uncover trending and relevant content throughout the web around a topic, allowing content creators to reproduce successful content that is already working well for other businesses.
  • SpyFu – SpyFu is a content intelligence tool for search engine marketing. SpyFu enables marketers to “spy” on their competitors, identifying the keywords they are bidding on in Google Ads and other ad platforms, as well as the content promoted through those platforms.
  • Optimizely – Optimizely is a popular enterprise content management system that includes content intelligence technology that gives real-time recommendations for content enhancements powered by AI directly within the CMS.
  • Curata – Given the volume of content published every day, content curation is becoming as important as content production itself. Curata is a content discovery and curation solution that helps businesses expand their content marketing initiatives.
  • Contently – Contently is a content analytics tool. Attention time, repeat visitors, and content’s social reach are some of the data metrics that Contently assists marketers in measuring.

Benefits of content-driven e-commerce.

Retailers and manufacturers may transform their digital presence to surpass consumer expectations and gain a competitive advantage by better understanding the cause-and-effect relationship between outstanding content and well-planned e-commerce experiences.

  • Increased Brand Awareness 
  • More organic traffic & Conversions 
  • Brand loyalty
  • Better user engagement

There are several advantages to knowing the benefits of content-driven e-commerce. Even if your e-commerce website is not ranking well, you may still work with Infognana Solutions to optimize it and enhance your ROI. Contact us today and let our team of experts assist you in developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes content that attracts, engages, and converts.