Virtual Assistant Services


The recent epidemic of COVID-19 brought the world to a near standstill and left life around us so volatile. Schools are closed, major cities across the world have issued ‘locked-down’ orders to people, and businesses have been forced to consider the work-from-home concept or fear having to close their doors for good.

Role of Virtual Assistants

How to continue business in these tough circumstances? How to get work done from remote locations? Is there a way to manage company operations on a daily basis? All these concerns continually haunt the minds of the company’s CXOs. Virtual Assistants (VA) can help resolve these unanswered questions. Virtual assistants are people who deliver a range of services to companies or businesses from a remote location. They work a few hours a week while freeing up the business team’s time to concentrate on what they do best.

Gone are the days where employers need to hire full-time cubicle workers. Remote work is getting more streamlined, more accessible, and highly useful for small businesses and start-ups to improve revenue and growth.

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a Virtual Assistant:


Task Delegation:

Hiring a virtual assistant can help delegate duties that are tedious and monotonous while allowing you to work on vital areas that require specialized expertise.

Perfect Scalability:

Virtual Assistants don’t have to be employed permanently. Instead, they can be recruited on a project-by-project basis, depending on their capabilities and talents. Such partnerships make it easier to satisfy the growing demands of employment without worrying about rushing through the recruiting process.

Cost Standardization:

Recruiters do not have to think about covering operating costs such as office room leasing, utility bills, office equipment, and appliances by hiring a virtual assistant. Also, the VA charges only for the time worked, thereby reducing the payment of maternity days, health insurance, and taxes, which can even save on the cost of training.

Customer Assistance:

It is most likely that the customer’s questions and complaints will rise tremendously during the Covid-19 crisis. Virtual assistants can strategize administrative duties from telephone support to e-mail response support.

Other Perks & Benefits:

Many VA’s are highly specialized in corporate processes and can help to find cost-effective approaches to operate a business. They are also helpful in tasks that include market analysis, scheduling appointments, data entry, responding to emails, lead generation, transcription, web development, and even more. They’re essentially helping to de-stress operations by ensuring more work is done in less span. In short, they maximize efficiency with their 24/7 availability.

Running a business can be challenging and overwhelming now and then. If hiring a virtual assistant will save you from those complications and improve productivity, why wait? Besides, COVID-19 is unlikely to vanish any time soon. So, maybe now is the right time to pursue this possibility and hire virtual assistants from Infognana! Reach out to us today to find the best virtual assistant for your business.

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