Adopt Data Visualization for a better decision making experience

Digging deep, researching to unearth the apt data is the basis of any meaningful business process but what if presenting it to the probable audience, doesn’t create enough stir. In the era of marketing automation and technological advancements, the presentation of your researched and assimilated data is what takes away the limelight and becomes the stepping stone of any competition.

Therefore, the importance of visual presentation of data cannot be negated in the age where the content not only needs to be visually alluring but should also make its presence felt on social media portals also.

What is Data Visualization?

As the name implies, data visualization is a medium through which the facts and figures of your accounts are presented in the form of a pictorial or graphical format. It not only makes the assimilation easier, generates interest but even makes the decision making easier for the business leaders. We can say that data visualization infuses life into the dead text heavy, word processing-type reports and makes it livelier, interactive which is more user friendly. It facilitates the user to interact with the data presented over a mere click and navigate into the desired areas, digging out deeper details which makes the user the master of the report, giving them more power and control over the data. This type of reporting can be more aptly termed as dynamic reporting of data.

How do we do it?

Presenting the data for the eyes, there are features like charts, graphs, tables, etc and to help in the process there are data visualization tools which come with ready to use in- built formats. Some of the software tool which can be used for data conversion are, Charts.js, Raw, Tableau, Dygraphs, ZingChart, InstaAtlas, etc which make the data shift easier. Infognana helps you to not only identify with the apt form of data display for your accounting reports but also makes the process simpler by taking on the task itself.

Why is Data Visualization important?

While data visualization makes the assimilation process of the complex data easier there are other advantages as well.

  • Identify areas needing more attention

  • Come to terms with the factors which might affect customer behavior

  • Predict sales volume

  • Help in risk analysis

Data Visualization. Today and Tomorrow.

Because of the thrust on predictive analysis, data holds a bigger and better stake in the decision making process. The power of data visualization cannot be underestimated in this paradigm. Enterprises which have successfully adapted to the big data concept have been using the data visualization technique to ensure that the data makes more sense, is reachable and contributes in a positive way. Finding the correct tools to achieve this feat may seem like a daunting task but with Infognana as your partner you can forget about the misery and enjoy the rich results which will help your business to grow and reach out to the customer in a bigger and better way. Contact Infognana for a complete data visualization solution for your accounting reports and witness the change.