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Big Data in the Recruiting Process- Is This A Transformational Phase?

The biggest challenge that has always haunted the HR managers is the multitude of unprocessed data available for talent acquisition. Well, HR companies worldwide are fighting this menace with innovative ideas and use of technological tools.

But, none of these measures have proved to be the infallible solution that they have been looking for. However, a breakthrough in this regard has been made by the Big Data technology.

How to Harness Big Data for IT Recruitment?

The process of talent acquisition has taken a strategic turn depending highly on predictive analytics. Big Data helps to attain this purpose by identifying the right talent. It offers insights on the current methodologies and their performance on the parameters of your predetermined criteria. Interestingly, around 42% companies are ready for investing in this technology.

Big Data helps to consolidate a massive pool of information for recruiting. It searches through a large volume of information available online for a particular candidate, looks at a variety of open source codes; finds social media profiles, and finally, offers comprehensive information about the candidate within a shorter timeframe.

If you are intended to use its power for redefining your talent acquisition methodologies, you can review your internal data firstly to locate the sources leading to the best hires. Check the job board metrics, social information, government data, outsourced data and online traffic to analyze the metrics of your site’s visibility and preference among the job seekers. So, it can transform the complete process through effective strategies based on the real-time metrics.

Clearly, it has changed the approach of HR Managers and recruiters with a rational process having rich benefits.

Why should Big Data be implemented for Recruitment?

When used effectively, big data can entirely change the hiring process in your organization. Want to know how? Here it is:

It Focuses On The Right Pressure Points:

There is an ample data to be processed for IT recruitment. Here, big data comes forth as a savior by helping in the identification of relevant information. Depending on your recruitment needs, it can sort out the data and you can screen the candidates on the basis of criteria preset by you.

Better Predictive Data:

Predictive analytics is the strength of big data. It compiles the data in a synchronized manner to match with your requirements. Furthermore, it draws out the patterns of recruitment cycle in your enterprise. This includes analysis of employee turnover and onboarding processes. This information enables a comparison of vital business metrics with these patterns. As its result, you have an unfailing predictive data in your hands.

Streamlines the Hiring Process:

It directly addresses and mitigates the challenges of recruitment and employee management. Your HR teams are strengthened with robust database pointing towards the weaknesses of your hiring process and gaps that should be filled immediately to rationalize it in entirety.

The time is ripe for the HR teams to identify the power of Big Data for improving their IT recruitment processes in a rational and strategic manner. At Infognana, we offer comprehensive recruiting solutions powered by big data to discover, assess, and hire the right techies for your business.