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How to choose a professional transcription service provider

Transcription services are in high demand for many businesses today. There are a lot of outsourcing companies you can hire to do any type of transcription service you need, but choosing the right one is always a bit tricky. Nowadays, there are numerous providers in the industry so picking the right service can be quite challenging.

When you outsource work to any provider, the decision should not merely be made based on costs alone. First, you must determine what type of transcription service you require. Each transcription service provider will have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Browsing through their website can give you an idea of what they offer. You can always send an enquiry for any more information you’re looking for. It is important to have a transcript that is easy to understand and error free after all the effort put into recording it.

Here are 5 critical elements you should consider while choosing a transcription agency:

  • Quality & Accuracy

This is probably the most important factor to decide if the services offered are worth it or not. For any good transcription service, having a minimum of 99% accuracy is essential for reliable transcripts. It is also important to see whether or not the company is are ISO-certified.

  • Confidentiality

Every company must have a rigorous internal process to ensure they are able to preserve the confidentiality of any clients’ information and files and prevent any leakage of sensitive data. Make sure to choose a provider with an ISO Information Security Certification to prevent any damage.

  • Expertise

When selecting a transcription service provider it is also important to know the level of expertise of those who will be working on your file. Good transcribers will have some experience which will enable them to transcribe different dialects, colloquialisms, slangs, and any other nuances.

  • Cost-effective/Value for Money

If you outsource your transcription needs to a vendor who charges an incredibly cheap per-minute rate, you may end up having to re-do the work yourself or give it to a second vendor. At the same time, many providers try to push unrealistic prices, but whether they will actually guarantee good quality and accuracy of a file is not sure.

  • Credibility

Verify any transcription service provider and check if they are actually who they say they are. Ask to see their previous work or some examples to know what they are capable of. It is also wise to read testimonials on their website and reviews on third-party sites.

Before you select any transcription service provider, make sure to spend sufficient time doing your research, ensuring good quality and accuracy of transcriptions and also the safety of your data.

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