Transcription Services

Is artificial intelligence ready to replace traditional transcription services?

Why Machine Transcription doesn’t work 

When a special device is used for word or voice processing, it is known as machine transcription. This device manages audio/video recording to transcribe them into written or hard copy form.

The growth in technology over the past few years has been substantial. Taking transcription technology into consideration, technology aims to better human capability with translation and other complex tasks. Yet, even the best technology we have today is not advanced enough to understand human speech to the level necessary to accurately capture the same meaning in any language.

Is artificial intelligence ready to replace traditional transcription services?

Definitely not! When a machine is used to transcribe any audio or video, it ends up being double work as the device is bound to make some errors. Hence a professional transcriber has to do a final run through of the document.

This technology isn’t here to replace human beings because it has different strengths and weaknesses to professional transcribers. Machine transcriptions have their advantages, but old-fashioned techniques have their place. A human transcriber can pinpoint any information that does not make sense while a machine cannot do the same.

Challenges faced using a machine transcription: 

There is always a unique challenge to consider when it comes to any kind of language technology. Here are a few problem machines have not learned to overcome (yet):

  • Understanding accents
  • Multiple speakers talking
  • Understanding slang, colloquialisms and style
  • Translating into other languages
  • Understanding non-native speakers
  • Conversational nuances
  • Understanding context
  • Quality and accuracy

As listed above, the disadvantages of machine transcription is a long one. Though transcription services technology is slowly coming up, it does not give direct competition for traditional transcription services.

We at Infognana believe to go the traditional way. Our transcription experts work closely with the quality team to provide 99% accurate results within the specified time frame.