retail conversion rate optimization

5 Ways to Improve Your Retail Conversion Rate Optimization

If a person visits your online store, there is only one thing you want from them, which is for them to take action. Whether it is them buying your product or service, creating an account, signing up to your email list or following you on social media.

The main idea of conversion is for the customer to take action which puts them further down in your sales funnel. Retail conversion rate optimization is finding out why the store’s visitors are not taking any action and how you can improve your chances of turning them into buyers. Once you begin taking the necessary steps to convert your customers, then your revenue will increase both in the short term and long term.

Google Analytics is one way to better optimize your store for online conversions. Google Analytics gives you reports where you can analyze each page and see where your optimization efforts are most required. Below are 5 easy ways to improve your retail conversion rate optimization efforts.

Split Test Your Ads & Images for Better Retail Conversion Rate Optimization

Split testing your ads will enable you to buy more traffic and also give your customers a variety of ads to see rather than the same ad over and over again. The best way to improve optimization through ads is to have several different ads running simultaneously. This way you will figure out which ad has more conversions. Testing and running ads will attract more customers to your store which will reflect on your sales. The same goes for testing images. When a customer sees an image in your store, it must be compelling enough to convince them to buy since they will not be able to touch or try the product in reality. Testing photos means you will have to see if your product looks better with a plain white background or in a lifestyle type of image. Only if you experiment a little, you will be able to know which image gets you the best conversions.

Update Your Website

When a customer comes to your website, the first thing he will notice before thinking of buying anything is how the website design and format look. Cleverly using your website like implementing different colors, adding a white background to product images or using white space will help boost conversions. It is important to stay true to your brand and ensure that your images and text are easy to read. Small changes to your website can have a huge impact on your conversions.

Improve Site Speed

The slower your website is, the more visitors you will lose. There will be a significant decrease in conversions with every delay in page speed. Reducing the number of downloads a page has will improve your site speed and also compressing images will allow downloads to be quicker. Fewer scripts and embedded videos will also be a big plus to your website speed.

Sliders Over Videos

Videos are recommended for websites, but if the featured video on the homepage is more than just a couple of minutes then it will not have an impact on the customers. This is why having an image slider will give you better conversion results than videos. The best way to use images on your website is to have one main banner image that will redirect the customer to a specific product or collection which makes the process easier for them. This will also drive more traffic and increase conversion rates.

Have Clear Copies

Content will always be KING. Having a straightforward, well-written, action-driven copy on your website will give customers a sense of trust. Each home page content should subtly tell the customers what problem you are solving for them. Split testing your content for the product pages will help you decide what format is best suitable for your website. Relevant information like product information and return policies must be specified so your customer will feel comfortable buying from your store. This will build customer trust which will be better for conversion rates.

Testing goes a long way when it comes to improving retail conversion rate optimization methods. It is always good to regularly optimize online stores which will build brand loyalty, and in the end, increase sales.

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