E-learning Localization

Lately, businesses of all sizes rely on E-learning to train their employees and educate its customers as it is highly time and cost-efficient.

It’s not adequate enough to present E-learning in a single language, especially if you have a global presence. Localization ensures that this valuable content is made relevant for all, no matter where they exist. Hence, ‘E-learning localization’ is a must and it has set its strong foothold in today’s business regimen.

Why E-learning Localization?

Language and cultural factors have a remarkable impact on a person’s ability to learn. Research indicates people learn things quicker in their native language in comparison to the translated content.

As per the recent survey, the cardinal growth rate of E-learning is in Asia which stands at 17.3%, followed by Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America at 16.9%, 15.2 %, and 14.6 %, respectively.

For instance, if you require E-learning in Chinese for your Beijing employees, then it is mandatory that the training needs to be personalized with photos of their work site and content in accordance with their local regulations subsequently.

Advantages of E-learning Localization:

  • Wider Reach:

    With E-learning localization, you have the fortuity to educate and inform online learners who make inroads for certain learning concepts and are searching out for a well-designed E-learning courses in their native language.

    Furthermore, you can markedly surge up your E-learning profit, provided that you have access to a much broader E-learning market. Rather than just focusing on the English-speaking corner of the E-learning market, you can now extend your wings to countless other lucrative regions in order to augment your revenue.

  • Brand Positioning:

    When you invest your time and effort to localize your E-learning deliverable, it is a clear indication that you position your brand as a global
    E-learning company with international presence.

    This sculptures, respect, and even ameliorates your brand image.

  • Heightens Knowledge Acquisition & Retention rates:

    Through E-learning localization, you can heighten the effectiveness of your E-learning courses. The main catch involved here is, learners can learn in their native language effectively. Even employees who may be based in the US but originate from other parts of the globe can acquire most of the benefits with the aid of training, given that they have the opportunity to unravel the subject matter.

  • Our Expertise:


    We cater to all your linguistic requirements such as:

    • Content Translation
    • Voice-over Narration
    • Subtitling
    • Multimedia Localization
    • Audio-video Integration
    • Graphics Localization

    We have an expert team who possess in-depth knowledge and experience in all the E-learning authoring tools to brush against the ever-increasing demands of E-learning professionals and learners. We also have an array of custom solutions for a fully automated E-learning translation workflow.

Our expertise in handling the E-learning authoring tools includes, but not limited to

Articulate 360
Adobe Captivate
Microsoft Presenter
Adobe Presenter