E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

E-Commerce Marketing Strategy: Live Streaming & its Positive Effect on Your Business

When you’re contemplating enhancing your business, creating a strong social media following is crucial. For instance, Social media allows you to engage with your customers where they are, sprouting those relationships and keeping them exhilarated about your products. At the same time, how can you keep things fresh with your social media marketing- if all you’re focusing on is posting text-filled graphics and still photos? Looks like a million-dollar question, isn’t it?

Live stream marketing can be a thumping way to build customer trust and show off the prominent parts of your company. Eventually, it will turn out to be a top-notch business strategy.

What is Live Streaming?

Live Streaming is interacting with your audience in real-time. For instance, going live and transmitting to your social media platforms simultaneously. As a result, Live Streaming can be a goodly tool to announce new product releases, render facility tours, or conduct Q&A sessions. 

Builds Trust & Affinity:

Live Streaming can be a powerful and effective tool to build trust with regard your audience. Once you begin the interaction, you can showcase that you’re a trustworthy company with the craftsmanship needed to embark upon problems. But how do you acquire customers’ attention long enough to begin building that trust? That looks like a million-dollar question by all means.

Even though Live Streaming isn’t the same as a personal interaction, it braces your audience to capture more of your personality and expertise than the traditional text. You can always embark with them on a more personal level while still radioing a wider number of people. This jacked-up trust could lead potential customers to take the extra leap and make a purchase. Sounds like a smashing Marketing Tip, isn’t it?

Keep Customers Tied Down:

One of the foremost ongoing struggles of social media marketing is keeping your customers hooked. You can create any number of social media posts, but if your customers aren’t engaged, then you might get a feel that you’re shouting into a void. Live streams can be an incredible way to keep your customers interested and invested in the company’s happenings, in particular. 

According to a recent market report, people are more likely to enamor with video posts in comparison to text or video posts. At the same time, that will provide you the chance you need to engage them with your phenomenal customer service and products.

Keep a sense of Zeal:

Generally, when marketing your product or service, it is mandatory that you want to make your customer feel as though they have been missing out on something stupendous. For an e-commerce business, one of the great tools that can be relied upon is Live Streaming

Schematize your Audience:

It may sound ridiculous, but one of the consummate things about Live Streaming is that it helps you to schematize your audience for marketing efforts. In order to make your marketing strategy more efficient, you should ensure that you’re only getting in touch with people who have a real zing in your products. Else, you will end up trifling money with investments that will never bring you any returns back.

Furthermore, when live videos take place on your schedule, it automatically whips into shape your customer base. Only those customers who are most patronized by you as well as your services will make the time to catch up with the live stream. Once you have your audience in place, then you can speak confidently, knowing you’ve already won the hardest part of the battle by grabbing their attention.

Throw up Strong Content:

Perpetuating a strong social media campaign is critical and also vital for any business subsequently. But it is mandatory to ensure that you’re plunking down high-quality content that offers real value to your customers by and large. You’ll end up losing your followers if you’re popping out fluff content for the purpose of just filling a marketing checklist rather than catalyzing quality content. 

All the more, a live stream campaign can help you to concoct strong content that your customers will treasure having on their news feeds. These videos will automatically give you a chance to showcase to your customers the best of your company, undoubtedly.

Summing Up:

Live streaming can be an important marketing tool that paves the way to engage with your customers and buttress those relationships. You can create a sense of urgency and zest for your new product launches and bring to light the best parts of your company. On the contrary, you can also create strong content to use across your social media platforms predominantly to keep your following and your bottom line growing simultaneously.

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E Commerce Business

Q-commerce: The next big thing in the e-commerce business

E-commerce has been doing greater rounds for the past few years and it has widened its reach since the start of the pandemic. With the introduction of Q-Commerce (Quick Commerce), it has taken up the legacy to move forward. Q-Commerce is nothing but the faster version of E-commerce, which delivers supplies or essentials to the customers at a much better time, for instance “within an hour”.

As per one report, “Q-commerce is estimated at USD 0.3 billion in CY2021 and is expected to grow 10-15x in the next 5 years, to become $5 billion by 2025.”

It can be said that this market is seeing high demand and going forward, Q-commerce will become one of the major e-commerce models to cater to the growing needs of the consumers.

Why Q-commerce?

Nowadays, there are a lot of orders placed and people expect them to be delivered immediately, as delays could make them change their minds leading to order cancellation. This is where Q-Commerce comes into the picture, where the ordered essentials are supplied within 30 minutes to an hour, resulting in credibility and greater customer experience.

Some of the major Q-commerce players in the market are:

  • Blinkit
  • Dunzo
  • Zepto
  • Amazon Instamart

How does Q-commerce work?

More or less like an E-commerce business, Q-commerce follows the same module but focuses on delivering essentials at much faster times. In the E-commerce model, there would be a warehouse setup and things would be made available to the people by storing and delivering them from those warehouses.

In the Q-commerce model, most ordered items are noted and stored in the micro-warehouses, which allows the employees of the companies or delivery personnel to deliver them in a stipulated time, for instance within 2 hours. The Q-commerce business also behaves like an ‘on-demand’ delivery module, where placed orders of groceries or essentials reach customers in a matter of few minutes, after order placements.

Benefits of Q-commerce business:

Let’s discuss the prominent benefits of Q-commerce businesses:

Faster delivery times

Q-commerce ensures faster delivery of the groceries or essentials quicker or within minutes.

Best customer experience

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal and if the products are reached within minutes, it brings greater joy to the customers, increasing the credibility of the organization.

Increased business stakeholders

Since the Q-commerce business includes a kind of hyper-local business model, specific shops would be chosen for storing the supplies in line with the demand and delivered to the prospects at a much better time. This makes a great ROI for the shops.

Scalable & credible

There could be a need to include further advancements in the business. Q-commerce provides extra reliability and comfort, where more items could be added to the warehouses on-demand, without any disruptions and earning reputations among the customers.

E-commerce has laid the foundation for Q-commerce business, which could easily be said to be the ‘need of the hour’. The Q-commerce applications should be robust to meet the customers’ needs and requirements. The software must be capable enough to handle the entire process, right from order placements to the products’ delivery at the doorsteps ensuring safe reaching thereby creating credibility and having greater attrition values.

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