Jennifer Van Hart

Infognana has proven to be a reliable partner for our data entry needs. They are responsive, fairly priced, and provide good quality output. We have been working with them for some years now and anticipate the relationship to continue well into the future.

Edwin Pearce

Our CTO and I have had over 20 years of working with outsourcing firms around the world. We believe Infognana is at the top of the list in being able to handle projects which require thoughtful review and maximum throughput. We very much endorse them and use them for all of our outsourcing work.


Professional. Reliable. Meticulous. The team at Infognana is a pleasure to work with. They are easy to communicate with, which makes all the difference when it comes to complex projects. We know we can always depend on Infognana.

Jeff Williams

Infognana has been a valuable partner for our organization. Their ability to ramp up quickly to handle new projects is phenomenal. They have consistently met our deadlines while ensuring quality is not compromised.

DocuScan Guys

Infognana has been a true savior to our document scanning company. DocuScan Guys have used Infognana as a company for many of our projects over the years and can trust that we will receive the most accurate entries from their team. Their staff will work directly with you to meet all of your requirements and expectations, including important deadlines that we all know can pop up last minute. If you are looking for accuracy, efficiency and promptness this provider is the way to go. DocuScan Guys highly recommends Infognana for Document Management Services.

Brandon Harris

Infognana is a great company to work with. The work they do is always top notch and delivered on time. I would recommend them for your image processing and other IT needs. Customer service is very responsive as well.