​David Pino

This is my primary software & web development company.  After 5+ years of working with the Infognana Team, I cannot express how blessed I was to find them. Amazing group of individuals who strive to make sure their clients are happy with the products and services they provide. The Infognana Team has ALWAYS gone above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. I would also like to express our pleasure with working alongside their finance team as well.  Sometimes we have certain client financial constraints and agreements that clients must adhere to and Infognana has again, ALWAYS worked to ensure that the projects can move forward. 


I cannot express my satisfaction enough with this group of amazing individual. 


I can honestly say that I am Proud to be part of the Infognana Family!!! 

Arcina Risk Group

When a global client was in need of a solution to repair an outdated technology and support the migration data, Arcina Risk Group turned to Infognana for support. The team understood the importance of protecting the data, developing a solution and maintaining the existing system. Infognana was responsive and cognizant of the budget requirements which enabled the client to seamlessly process its data.

Robert Lambert

For the past 10+ years, we have partnered with Infognana Systems on many software development projects, from small utility tools or ad-hoc reports to a large scale web application with over 400 corporate subscribers. We have relied upon them to learn new, niche technologies used in our web application as well as stay current with secure coding techniques. They have always delivered.

Infognana Systems has given us a clear competitive advantage in being able to provide reliable, feature-rich and user-friendly software to our clients