Tax Deadlines

10 Tax Deadlines That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2017 – Canada

Tax filing is a complex arrangement in bookkeeping and accounting services. You should stay prepared with all the requirements to file your taxes within the stipulated time. The tax season is approaching. You should pull up your socks and be ready. However, remembering the tax deadlines is truly intimidating

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Bookkeeping and Accounting services

Benefits of Using Double Entry System in Bookkeeping and Accountancy

Long before the advent of computers, organizations used to maintain their financial transactions manually in paper journals that were totaled at the end of each month. This total amount was transferred to the General Ledger that was divided into specific accounts.

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5 Steps for Selecting the Best Accounting Software for Your Start-Up

Handling the accounting records manually can be intimidating in this digital age. Even if you are using the spreadsheets, you may not get the desired level of efficiency. As a start-up business, using the accounting software with automation features will be much helpful. It will reduce the time spent on redundant data entries and bring higher efficiency in your accounting systems.

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Bookkeeping Services

How to Tackle the Long Overdue Invoices?

Nothing can be more nightmarish for a small business than the long overdue invoices. A healthy cash flow is all that you need to stay in the business. But, the reality is that invoices are seldom paid on time and you are in catch 22 every time your own bills become due.

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Three Distinct Cash Flow Techniques to increase Revenues

It is rather easy to start a business, however, the difficulty lies in acquiring customers, and even if you manage to get some, retaining them is probably the biggest challenge. On top of all this comes the hardest part, managing your cash.

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bookkeeping, accounting services

Benefits of Outsourcing Finance and Accounting tasks to India

Outsourcing has become popular with small and large businesses alike because of the cost savings and the ease with which work can be got done. The companies that specialize in bookkeeping and accounting services have trained personnel and practice due diligence as far as compliance is concerned. India is a favorite destination not just for IT related work, but for finance and accounting related work as well. Read more