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Microsoft SharePoint – An absolute game changer

Intro- The world of computing and data management got better with the browser-based collaborator, Microsoft SharePoint. Have a look at its extraordinary features which compel higher productivity and promises improved content management.

Working on your data remotely or inside the workspace, one thing which separates out Microsoft SharePoint, from its nearest contenders is its simplicity, shifting focus to the cloud technology and fast collaboration with the emerging tools. In a nutshell, SharePoint is an extensible platform that serves as an excellent content manager and it continues to emerge a heart winner taking over from both Google Drive and other service providers in the market. It facilitates setting up team websites; track down projects, apart from easy management of files and document retention. Beyond serving the purpose of being just a cloud file server, it excels in many work fields.

Let us delve into the striking features of Microsoft SharePoint for a closer look:

1. The biggest role of SharePoint as a content manager comes with features like document versioning and check in check out facility which enables Real-time co-authoring of files. The files can be effortlessly accessed and edited by one or multiple users at the same time, of course, the access is controlled by the admin. It is the latest content hub that hosts the users in real-time. The files can be checked online or offline and the history of changes made can be saved for future reference with saving the versions at every stage.

2. The latest incoming version of SPO promises to put users working on different projects on a similar platform making the activity feeds live and providing recommendations based on your network activity.

3. Working with SharePoint has become an enriched experience that encompasses social computing features with Facebook and Twitter-like functionality. Connecting with the people on board with Microblogging, likes and Hashtag mentions, the work experience eases out in the environment.

4. SPO offers the best security features in its league. Cloud security along with compliance requirements as requested are provided to the task makers whereas the client gets the best results in terms of productivity. The security and access permissions are available at User, Domain group and SharePoint group level.

5. Searching the required documents without wasting time going through the libraries has become easier with SPO. Even if the exact location of the file is unknown in the folder hierarchy, the documents can be found and followed for future use. Hovering over the content facilitates a summarized preview which saves a lot of time. The new Content Search Web Part introduced by Microsoft SharePoint has easy query builder and display templates which makes you choose the best according to your needs. Cross-Site Publishing and Search-Driven Pages are made available with this version, which combines the analytics and delivers results based on user requirements. The new search features allow even the building of Intranets and other web-based solutions.

6. Files no longer need to be attached in emails as they can be directly linked from SPO or the Office Apps reducing the size of the mail. It also facilitates viewing the latest version of a file in real-time reducing unnecessary communication with the client.

7. Fast and easy. SharePoint is much quicker when it comes to the creation of files, sites, document libraries and lists which saves a lot of productive hours. The automation of repetitive tasks and multi-utility features makes it a game-changer in its league.

8. Microsoft SharePoint although comes as a package with Microsoft Office 365, can be even purchased standalone. Working in a complete Office 365 environment offers a better platform but even the standalone version takes care of most of the shortcomings of Google and other players in the market. Amongst the many advantages of SharePoint Online, it is cost-effective. It is the best competitor which offers you the best features at the most affordable prices.

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