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Top IT Recruiting and HR Trends for Professionals

IT has been the driving force in every aspect of development. It has been made possible due to the high-quality talent acquisition and recruitment of intellect brains at important positions. In this regard, a professional IT recruitment company plays an imperative role in recognizing and developing skilled and trained employees for the IT industry.

Techniques adopted by HR for selection have changed dramatically in recent years. On one side, HR has quietly adopted new techniques to engage right candidates and on other hand, candidates have amended their ways to claim jobs.

With every passing year, HR is improving its technique and strategically planning to achieve its hiring goals. The latest techniques flashed in the market are introduced with a scope of improving refining process and retaining the best talent for companies. Here are these IT recruitment trends:


Automation in recruitments was highly needed. HR managers, who relied on conventional tools and techniques to sort applications, are switching to application tracking system to save their efforts and time. Automated sourcing processes have removed time-consuming manual reports and spreadsheets to ease the tasks like job postings, engaging candidates, scheduling interviews, etc. IT companies prefer to leverage highly featured Application Tracking System to let HR concentrate on acquiring highly efficient professionals.

Virtual Interviews:

Whether small or big, IT recruitment services are focusing on superior talent acquisition. They have stretched their area of operations. Several companies are stepping up their talent acquisition program by reaching out to remote locations. They can connect to applicant virtually via video interviewing. Many free services like Skype, Hangout, etc. are available for video conferencing to interact with candidates virtually. In fact, many Application Tracking Systems (ATS) are integrated into video interviewing feature.

Candidate Engagement:

In 2017, HR in IT industry will be more concerned about the quality of potential candidates. Though social media and other CRM tools have made sourcing easier, the main challenge will be to find talent they are actually looking for. Here, pre-hiring engagement with the potential candidates is important. It is assumed that HR is taking bigger strides for engaging candidates in an effective way. IT recruiting teams are now focusing on passive jobseekers, building relationships with them, and engaging them before they pass their graduation. As soon as candidate clears the exams and converts into active job-seekers, he or she becomes the new employee of a company.

Focus on Branding:

Social media has become an effective tool for candidates to know about the company. IT companies with effective digital presence can help in hiring the top talent by revealing all the details transparently. Creating a brand in IT employment can certainly help the company to attract talented candidates. Initiatives like social media pages, interactive websites, or engaging company blogs will eventually increase digital presence of the company. Try to share current employee reviews and their success stories on the board. It will also increase trust among the prospective talents of IT industry. Hence, branding will help HR to find the top candidates in IT.

Adapt to Mobile:

Smartphones are quite common and almost every applicant has it. These phones have become a primary device to surf the internet now. Hence, companies have to design their strategies and recruitment programs from the point of view of smartphone users. Website or application tools should be adapted to focus on mobile hiring. Mobile phones are the easiest ways to communicate and engage prospective candidates.

With massive growth in technology, HR trends will evolve around the advancement of effective tools. Every IT company has to think out of the box and leverage the new techniques to hire top talent of the industry. Infognana is your most trusted IT recruitment company in this domain.