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How to Hire Candidates who will fit the bill in the future as well

Honestly speaking the challenge in finding the right candidate is not limited to someone suiting the current requirements, you need a person who’ll be good enough even after a couple of years. With the ever changing technology, this is easier said than done.

It is an undeniable fact that the challenge for an IT recruitment company lies in hiring candidates who will evolve with their clients in order to face the new challenges that are likely to crop up in the future.

Enough skills to last a minimum period

The trick lies in anticipating the technical skill requirements for the next two to three years at the least, and hiring such candidates who possess such technical skills. With just the basic technical skills, a candidate cannot be good for more than six months, when the scenario is bound to change. While you cannot expect to find people who are prepared to update themselves constantly as per the demand, you can certainly look harder to find people whose skills won’t be obsolete within a six-month period.  The fact of the matter is that today’s skills are likely to lose their viability over a two-year period.

Look for Potential

A seasoned IT recruitment company would never rely on hiring candidates for the skills they possess now. The trick to future-proofing your candidate is not to just go by their technical skills, but to realize their true potential. While they can easily fall in line with the current levels of technology, they should also have the potential and foresight to evolve with the company, adopting new technology as and when it is introduced. Hence, apart from the skills, motivation also plays a major part in determining the suitability of a new hire. Apart from these two qualities, personality too plays a vital role in selecting a candidate for a particular position. While the skills of a person determine what he is capable of now, motivation tells you how far you can push him or her. Finally, it is the personality of a person that tells you how he or she will behave and react, which define the stress bearing capacity.

The correct selection criteria

While an IT recruitment company looks for potential in a new hire, there are two basic requirements that need to be fulfilled. Obviously, the first requirement is the capacity of the new hire to meet the current requirements. The person being shortlisted needs to be able to fit into the role immediately. Similarly, it is important to study the other traits and characteristics of the candidate in order to decide whether he or she will grow along with the company. For this, you need people with better grasping power, and the capacity to learn quickly. These can be verified by standard aptitude tests, more specifically called General Mental Aptitude Test. People who score well in this test are the ones you need, because they play to win, rather than playing to avoid losing, which makes a whale of a difference.

Selecting the perfect candidate is often a great challenge, and it is up to the recruiters to find the best talent. Recruiters need to rely on their experience as well as some reliable data to find the right fit. To know more about the intricacies in IT recruitment look up Infognana Solutions the professional company with rich experience.