Recruitment in today’s fast paced world

Today’s world has witnessed some rapid and revolutionary changes that can affect and influence a large number of people living all over the world. These companies that include the likes of Facebook, Amazon, and Google have taken digitalization to a whole new level. The current scenario is also seized by the concepts of startups like Uber, Ola, and Airbnb which taught the world how to run huge enterprises with minimum business assets and capital. Of course, most of today’s companies last only as long as the concept lasts, yielding place to the next and fading away into the background.

That is probably one reason why most of these companies that figure in the Fortune 500 list do not last as long as the ones that were listed a half a century ago. What’s worse (or better?) is that by around 2020 most of the Fortune 500 companies in existence would be the ones established in recent times. This calls for more agility and flexibility on the part of the new startups to match the expectations of the new breed of customers whose expectations are not only high but quite unpredictable. Employers, on their part, will have to attract think-tanks belonging to the current period.

Even the new breed of the workforce has unheard of demands from the companies that employ them, simply because they have more options to choose from. They are able to sense new opportunities like never before and recruiters too are looking out for such uniquely thinking individuals, whose demands from their jobs and employers are at a different level from what it used to be earlier.

Employers to have rolled up their sleeves and got to work to hunt for this new breed of an ultra-high-tech crowd, and their campaigns are more specialized. They look for talent active on the social scene, the ones that are more digital in their approach. So much so that you find recruitment ads appearing in the most unlikely of places like popular online games that require multiple players (thinkers in the same wavelength).

India too is not far behind, though most recruiters still believe that talent can be gotten the old fashioned way. The new breed of tech startups are looking for the unique and forward-thinking talent and have started innovating their recruitment methods, matching the way the talent pool thinks and behaves. The endeavor of these new startups should be to focus on how to make themselves popular as the most sought out employers, where only the best talent is hired, picking and choosing their candidates from an elite set of resumes. This helps them save precious time and money that would otherwise be spent on expensive recruitment drives, which often turn out to be wild goose chases unless planned properly. To know more about modern methods of recruitment contact Infognana the professional recruitments of the 21st century.